Chef's Quarter group now offers great food selection for your catering needs

If you don't know the name Chef's Quarter then you haven't been around much to experience good quality and affordable food. The group behind the fast-growing chain Uncle Cheffy already have a catering service that can serve people as little as 30 to as many as 3,000. Chef's Quarter is managed by Larry Cortez and executive chef Mauro Arjona Jr. The same group that brought us Wine Bar, Old Vine Grill, Kuse, Beurre Blanc.

This means that even though the food in theses restos and while their restaurants specializes in Continental cuisine, the group shared that their kitchen is versatile and can basically whip up anything and everything. May it be Pinoy favorites and Asia, to American and European delicacies.

I recently attended their Grand Food Tasting at the Events Pavilion at 500 Shaw Zentrum Building, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong and was able to experience some of the food they have to offer. Apologies for I forgot the names of the food we ate.

Im guessing this one is Lasagna :)

Argh, just by looking at the picture, makes me hungry. Grrrrr Anyways, I'm heading to Uncle Cheffy's later at Two E-Com, who's joining? :)

Their buffet packages starts at P550+ and can go up to P1,800+ while their sit down menu starts from P750+ to P2,000+. You can chose from their set or customize your own depending on your preference and budget. For inquiries on catering packages, call Chef's Quarter at (02) 3813449 / (02) 3817716, email or visit any of their restaurants.

You can check out more photos of the event at the bottom of this post. :)

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