Y-Tree. Your new milk tea hub

With the tea business booming, a number these businesses are jumping onto the wagon. Y-Tree is your new milk tea hub. I'm not so much of an iced tea fan. I normally take the Tropical Passion Fruit lattes and just an occasional citrus-y tea based iced drink. But a friend of mine who is somewhat part of the business introduced me to Y-Tree.

We visited and checked out the place. The place was clean with simple but beautifully designed interior and furniture.

Had a bit of problem choosing my drink as I wasn't familiar with what drink to order and what's good.

They also have some cakes and other food items.

We ordered the following.
Y-Tree  Rock Salt & Cheese Wintermelon Tea P 100
Y-Tree  Special Cream Wintermelon Tea P 95

Honey Dew Milk Tea with Mango and Pearl P 125
I personally liked the Honey Dew. I will pass on the rock salt & chesse as I am not a fan of the taste and I do like the special cream better. :)

The 2nd floor of the place is also nice, perfect for small gatherings and groups.

They only have one standard size for their drink. Which is uhhhh I forgot ....

It would be nice also if they have wifi in the place. Nice venue to relax, work and just hang out.

The place is near Shaw MRT & EDSA Central. Y-Tree is the first tenant to be in the HUB of the Greenfield District. In a few months time, the rest of the tenants would open up. Y-Tree is located at Mayflower street,Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City, just across Shangrila Mall, Shaw Boulevard with Tel.No. 4168856. 

Do check out the place. They officially opened last June 2 in which Tito Boy graced the event. Check out the photos below.

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