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What phone should I get? - Sun Cellular's retainer phone

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I'm on a 350 Sun Plan and it's about to expire on June-July. I want to be be able to retain it because of my customized last four digits number. It spells myke (6953). Anyways, the point of this post is that I want to ask for your opinion on which phone should I get. :) Many of my friends have recommended that I go for ALCATEL GLORY 918N because it is an Android phone already, touch screen, Dual Sim, has Wifi, and one of my friend said, the camera is enough of a reason to go get it. But I do have to add additional P 500 bucks and I'd be on a lockout of 30 months instead of the usual 24 months.

The phone choices of the Plan 350 has a good variety of choices. In choosing the phones, I've had bad experiences with Samsung on their low level phone. My last 2 retainer phones were Samsung and they didn't last long. I already have a Samsung Corby and I'm not liking the phone itself. I was kind of considering getting the Nokia C2-03 because I feel it's safe, has a longer life usage and simple. But I also got a word it's not that ok.

So, which of these would you recommend me getting? Help me out and share your view below. :)

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