Tuscano in Burgos Circle is your destination for a great Italian Food

It has been a while since I've had a good Italian food fix... and I have been craving for one for a while now. Just like an answered prayer, I got an invite from my blog friends and the next this I know, I was headed towards Burgos Circle, at Bonifacio Global City for a gastronomic experience.

Tuscano Italian Wood Oven Pizza & Restaurant is owned by Mr. Reagan Tan and opened last December 19, 2011. It came from the word Tuscany, which is a place in Italy, known for using fresh ingredients and cooking their food in the traditional Italian way.

The place was simple and comfortable. It had nice interiors and a cozy feel to it. It has a mix of traditional and modern. 

The place was big enough to accommodate large groups for all sorts of occasion. This Italian place also boasts Italian Wood Oven Pizza, you won't have to travel to Rome anymore to experience such. 

First up on the menu Wild Mushroom and Mozzarella Risotto Ball , Tuscano Signature Salad & Caprese Salad.

Wild Mushroom and Mozzarella Risotto Ball (P360 + 10% service charge)
One of the dishes I liked because of the subtle taste but defined flavor. Crunchy on the outside and really soft on the inside. The right amount of Pomodoro Sauce added a nice touch on the risotto. One of the Chef's Recommendation.

Tuscano Signature Salad (P280  + 10% service charge)
Fresh mix of greens with Balsamic Vinaigrette, grapes, pine nuts, cherry tomato, sweet pear, walnut and artichokes. Indeed refreshing!

Caprese Salad (P275 + 10% service charge)
The not so usual salad with cherry tomatoes but this one is good also. The pecorino cheese, white balsamic vinaigrette and basil makes a good mix of flavors and leaves a good taste in your mouth.

 Next up were the Pizzas. My eyes lighted up when I saw the choice that we were about to munch on.

Pepperoni & Cheese (P480 + 10% service charge)
This classic pizza, Pepperoni salami with Pomodoro sauce and Mozzarela cheese was simply a classic in my taste buds. Best enjoyed when cooked in wooden oven.

Gamberetto (P480 + 10% service charge)
Another Chef's Recommendation that I would have to agree on. This certainly is something that I would love to go back to. The baby shrimps tasted so well with the mushrooms and the white sauce and pesto.

Sweet Pear & Gorgonzola (P425 + 10% service charge)
The pear on pizza was new to me, as I don't eat pear. But after taking a bite at the the sweetness of the pear just exploded in my mouth, blending so well with the Gorgonzola Cheese and white sauce.

Asparagus & Egg (P495 + 10% service charge)
The mix was a little different and new to me. I am not a fan of asparagus, but i imagine the if you love asparagus, you'd love this one. The quail eggs adds a nice mix into the flavor. For those who are food-venturous, I suggest you guys try this one.

For the Pasta...
Fisherman's Seafood with Black Ink Pasta (P425 + 10% service charge
The black linguini adds a nice touch to the whole ensemble. One really nice pasta that has Salmon, Mussels, Prawns and Clams rightly  mixed in Pomodoro Sauce.

Truffled Wild Mushrooms Cream Linguini (P395 + 10% service charge)
One of their Chef's Recommendations. It is kind of like your carbonara with a lot of twist. Mixed with Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce and Truffle Oil. This hand made linguini is creamy and good.

Italian Sausage and Bolognese (P365 + 10% service charge
It's simple for me. Spaghetti-good. Italian sausage-good. Bolognese Sauce-good. This one I got to say is one of my favorites of the dishes served. The flavor is rich and really tasty. 

Glazed Balsamic Glazed Bone-in Pork Chop (P450 + 10% service charge)
Looks really good with the risotto and vegetables on the side. It was presented well and looks inviting. I was expecting that the pork chop would be a little more juicier and tender. Another Chef's Recommendation.

Crisp Baked Norweigian Salmon & Risotto  (P675 + 10% service charge)
Salmon is one of my weakness and you know what's next for this beautifully baked salmon you're looking at.  The Asparagus adds a nice taste combined with the Wild Mushrooms Risotto.

Beef Stew in Casserole with Chocolate (P585 + 10% service charge)
I was a little hesitant to try the Beef Stew with chocolate. I mean like it is not supposed to be in once sentence but they are. In a casserole. The Beef is as tender as it can be... You'd be surprised to find out that it doesn't taste like your melted hershey's chocolate with beef. It taste a lot better than that... Surprisingly good.

Next and last in the menu Dessert! (Finally! as I was really full!)

Sweet Cannoli (P115+ 10% service charge)
Thin-crispy on the outside and has Vanilla and Mango on the inside which is really good. Perfect way to end my lunch. #Full

That is one food / lunch event I not soon forget. I can't remember the last time I've enjoyed Italian food or any food that I've been this full. I would like to thank Ruth and specially to Nana for the great experience and for filling up our tummies. I gotta say, I loved my Tuscano experience. :)

Tuscano's food serving portions are big and is ideal for sharing. They also have al fresco dining area for smokers and operates 11am -1am daily. They also offer seasonal specials on a quarterly basis. Tuscano seats around 60 person inside and 12 outside. They can also be booked for exclusive use, just make sure you give them a two weeks notice.

Tuscano Italian Wood Oven Pizza is located at  Unit 3 G/F Fort Residences Bldg. 30th cor 2nd Ave and Padre Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City. (which is right across BDO)

You may call them at  478-7503 or visit their Facebook page and their website

You can check out more pictures of the food here.

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