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Green Tea and Berry Cheesecake, one of the new Starbucks food items beginning 6.12.12

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These dessert samples are so cute!
I will cut to the chase and will give you the New Food Items at Starbucks stores in the Philippines beginning June 12, 2012. Be sure to enjoy it with your favorite beverage or with the NEW Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino and the Hojicha Tea Jelly Frappuccino which will also be launched along with these food items. You can check out the post  here. 

Oh by the way, the food items like Whoopie Pie, Cookie Crumble Cheesecake with Chips Ahoy and other Items I posted here might no longer be available, so be sure to take advantage of it while it is still there. :)

BEEF AND MUSHROOM PIE -   Retail Price: ₱95
This beautiful golden brown, crispy crust (buttery pastry) is filled with some tasty tender strips of beef. It also have some carrots, mushroom and some fresh creamy mashed potato. You'll never look at pies the same the same again. Enough to get you stuffed at such an affordable amount, this is one Beef and Mushroom Pie I will definitely forger.

I've been a long time lover of Starbucks' Ultimate Grilled Cheese and this is like a great step up from the usual grilled cheese. This one has six type of cheese in 'em (Gruyere, Emmenthal, Provolone, Mozzarella, Feta and Cheddar). Not only that, they have bacon strips in 'em and was added a creamy pesto sauce and Italian herbed butter on bread. They say it is an ultimate comfort food on a rainy day, but I say bring-it-on everyday baby! 

CHICKEN PARMIGIANA WRAP  -   Retail Price: ₱150
One of the best wraps I've tasted would probably have this on the list. The chicken breast fillet is juicy and tender is wrapped in this crispy and chewy pita bread. It is then covered with Italian tomato sauce and grated cheese. I am just not too keen on the slice of eggplant in it (as I am not an eggplant fan). But it was good. I honestly didn't get a hint of it as I munched on it. 

Cheesecake and green tea? How would that exactly work? well, it works. It has the creamiest green tea cheesecake with refreshing blueberries!!! Coated with white chocolate ganache curls make it so sophisticated and sosyal.  :)

These classic Filipino desserts are given a new unique twist. The  three layer moistened purple yam chiffon cake is filled with red bean and soft macapuno strips then covered with a really good creamy purple yam buttercream icing and sugar sprinkles.

The new line up Starbucks' tasty and delicious food items are so indulging and is only available for a limited time. I fear I might end up ordering all of them every-time I go to Starbucks. Wish me luck! :)

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