Decibel will bring out the Rockstar in you.

Ever wanted to live a rockstar life? I sure did, last June 6 at the Prive Luxury Club for the launch of  Decibel. A new, masculine fragrance by Azzaro that awakens the idol that slumbers within every man.  The place was turned into an intimate rock & roll stage with audiences just an arms reach. Speakers blaring and great beats and music to get lost into.

Prive became a concert ground which intensified and was stunning with all the emotions fill the place with and electric rock star atmosphere.

The event was hosted by alluring Divine Lee. Drinks were overflowing and food just kept on coming. For a moment there I was kind of living the rockstar life. 

People were all hyped up and all rockstar-y and edgy during the event. 

A few minutes in and after the introduction, a short fashion show started it off showcasing an edgy and rockstar feel to which is in lined with the theme that night.

Next up are the rockstars FRANCO, the Filipino band super group. People cheered on as the band rocked the stage and exudes great energy while on stage. They are also the Filipino endorsers of the Azzaro perfume, Decibel.

Decibel gave out some awesome prizes to the male and female star of the night. Decibel also had an online Twitter Q&A contest and yeah, I won. :) Oh yeah!

Victor Basa even celebrated his birthday after the event.

Now who wouldn't know Mr. Robby Carmona, Mr. Michael Carandang. Such cool cool guys to hang out with. :)

Decibel just by the looks of it is like a microphone. It expresses the feeling of musical emotion. Its cylindrical and sleek look and shiny black bottle is so rock & roll and so bad ass. Definitely promising good times.

The Scent just like other Azzaro perfumes, is made from the finest ingredients. It radiates a devilish spirit and electrifying energy. 

Personally, the scent is quite new to me, first a little bit different a bit strong. But a small spray of it and you can feel its infectious energy in moments. Its scent lingers and keeps me intrigued and feel rebellious at the same time. I can easily feel the scent igniting my sensations and I gotta say, I love it. 

With Azzaro's Decibel, you can be Rock'n Roll. You can free yourself from dictates, burst out of your straightjacket, and express your feelings. With Decibel, you can break taboos, be excessive in your desires and take on a rebel attitude in the face of authority. With Decibel we can become an icon, and live this desired fame well.

Azzaro Decibel costs P 3,600 SRP for the 100ml and P 2,440 SRP for the 50ml. Azzaro Decibel Fragrance is available in leading department stores, Fresh Fragrance Bar Boutiques and ART of SCENT.

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More pictures below and here during the event.

For more information regarding Azzaro Decibel. Please contact Emily Sia-Koa, Brand Manager for Azzaro (Midas Brand Management)

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