Cool Game of Thrones banner display

Ok, so I admit. I didn't watch Game of Thrones until its second season was over. I just finished Season 1 the other night and I hated It. I take that back, just the Ep. 9. I was like what the hell??! If I start ranting about this I guess this post will not end. I am just sharing with you guys banners I saw online. 

These awesome banners were designed by artist Ryhs Cooper. This one above is the set of “Call The Banners” which is his second wave. It is 12"x38", screen printed on heavy art paper stock, featuring four colors and metallic inks. All thre are being sold for $ 90. Check it out here

Two of the banners on Wave two set consists of House Lannister, with the Lion sigil and words, “Hear Me Roar” and another banner The Golden Kraken represent the Iron Island’s House Greyjoy with the words, “We Do Not Sow”. The last one is the blood of Old Valyria comes to life through a Three-Headed Dragon and House Targaryen’s words, “Fire & Blood”. All three are being sold as a set for $90.

Check out below the Wave one of the collection which features Houses Baratheon, Stark, & The Nights Watch. All prints are now on sale at Rhys Cooper’s online store.

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