Vengeful "HOT" Witch in "Dark Shadows"

Okay Okay, when I first saw the trailer I am not really sure who's this hot witch girl that I saw on the "Dark Shadows" Movie trailer. But I did like her every time show pops into the trailer. No, I didn't bother to check the credits nor the cast to identify the woman but man.. Was I in for a surprise. If you want to know what I'm talking about, check the trailer below.

Well, recognized her? Well wouldn't you know she is EVA GREEN!!! Yes!!! The hot celebrity on some movies she participated in, but recently that stuck to me is her stint role as MORGAN from the TV Series Camelot. Yes... I adored her there. And to those who watched the series, you would know what I'm talking about.

Now that I got your attention, listen up. :)

Eva Green (“Kingdom of Heaven,” “Casino Royale”) stars as Angelique Bouchard, a witch who knows how to hold a grudge, in Warner Bros.' new black comedy “Dark Shadows.”

In the film, Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp), an 18th-century lothario, breaks the heart of a heartless witch by the name of Angelique. When Barnabas declares his love for another, the ethereal Josette (Bella Heathcote), Angelique exacts her revenge on both of them: taking Josette’s life while giving Barnabas an eternal one as a vampire. It’s not much of a life, however, as she proceeds to bury him in a coffin forever…or at least the foreseeable future locking  Barnabas in a box for two centuries!

“It’s such an outrageous character, but I don’t see her as necessarily evil. Her heart was broken, and when Barnabas re-emerges, it’s overwhelming for Angelique. She’s at the height of her power and yet she’s very vulnerable because Barnabas is her weak point. She’s convinced he loves her as much as she loves him, but he won’t admit it. She wants to own him, to possess every bit of him.” said Green.

“Eva was the first person that came to my mind for Angelique,” Burton offers. “I was so happy to have her in the role because she ended up bringing much more to it than even I imagined. She had great ideas, was real fun to work with and surprised me every day.”

Angelique is a woman who has changed with the times. During the 18th century, Angelique was a dark-haired servant girl. As Angie, the CEO of Angel Bay, she’s a successful blonde businesswoman. “Tim wanted her to look like the American dream,” says Green. “Everything about her is perfect. Too perfect. Perfect makeup, red lips, platinum hair. She’s very glamorous yet sophisticated. But, little by little, from the moment Barnabas escapes from his tomb, her facade starts to crack.”

So with that, aside from Burton and Depp... Green just became the cherry on top on why I will watch this movie.  :)  Opening across the Philippines on May 10, “Dark Shadows” is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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