Uniqlo Philippines to unveil its cast.

When I say cast, I meant endorsers. Yes, UNIQLO Philippines will have their own lineup of local celebrities who were chosen because they embody the brand qualities of UNIQLO, one of which is the philosophy “MADE FOR ALL,” which further endeared the brand to fashion-loving and value-seeking people around the world.

I don't know how many, I don't know who they are, but I will find out tonight.This event will definitely be one of the year’s biggest and most anticipated parties this year. 

UNIQLO, the global apparel brand from Japan known for its high-quality and fully functional clothes that use unique materials to deliver high value yet affordably priced clothing to people around the world, will announce the composition of the official “UNIQLO Cast” for the Philippines. The “UNIQLO Cast” announcement is one of the major activities that the Japanese apparel brand has prepared in line with the upcoming opening of the very first UNIQLO store in the Philippines (Mall of Asia) this coming June 15, 2012.

Uniqlo store perspective at Mall of Asia, Philippines.

I do hope I'd be able to add a few Uniqlos' to my wardrobe tonight. :) (crosses fingers). I shall be updating you guys via tweets on my Twitter account @mykesoon please do follow. Tonight I'll do my best to update you on the cast lineup for UNIQLO Philippines.

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