Phillip Phillips wins American Idol!!!


The votes are in and after four months and 132 million votes in, it is now official. Phillip Phillips is the 11th American Idol. Surprised? Happy? Disappointed? 

There are certainly some issues on Philip Phillips from the time he auditioned, but this song bird Jessica Sanchez is really something. Others thought that no doubt Jessica would win simple because she posses the best vocals of Season 11, and would finally be the one to break the female curse on "Idol". It was also obvious quite that the judges preferred Jessica to win after the Judges' save. It would have been also great for Idol and will certainly improve their image and would have been a great PR for the "Idol" Franchise. 

So instead of the headline "Jessica breaks the five year curse" they went for "Cutie young boy with a guitar wins!" (again and again and again). 

Check out this EPIC duet from Jennifer Holiday and Jessica Sanchez.

You can check them out again on who really did better. Just compare the performances of the 2 finalists!

Check out Philip Phillips rocking on "Movin out"

Next song is the "Stand By Me"

and his last song "Home"

Philip Philips 
- Age: 21 years old
- Born September 20, 1990
- Leesburg, Georgia
- Graduated in Albany Technical College (Missed graduation forAmerican Idol)
- Auditioned in North Charleston
- Genre: Rock
- Music influence: Dave Matthews

Below is Jessica's rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing," the first song she sang for the American Idol Finale.

Next up is "The Prayer "

Last is "Change Nothing"

Here's a few info on Jessica Sanchez
- Age: 16 years old
- Born August 4, 1995
- San Diego, California
- Auditioned in San Diego
- Participated in the YouTube edition of “We Are the World”
- First recipient of the Judges’ Save to make the Top 2
- Genres: R&B, pop, soul, hip hop
- Competed in America’s Got Talent Season 1 at the age of 11
- Likes to perform with Beyonce and Fantasia; loves Eminem
- If she wins, Jessica will be the youngest contestant to become an American Idol

Personally I think that Jessica would have better sales world-wide if ever they release albums. Don't get me wrong,  I love Philip's voice and I'm pretty sure both of them will do well on charts. As long as they put out great music materials, they would be ok.

So what are your thoughts? Share them below! :) 

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