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If you don't know Boy Pickup then I guess you are missing out on a lot of things. Once just a segment on the longest-running gag show on TV which had gained great following on 'pick-ups' is now a movie! Yes, starred by Boy Pick-up himself, the multi talented comedian Ogie Alcasid reprises his character from Bubble Gang to bring us "Boy Pick-Up: The Movie!

Pick-ups are something like this..
"Bangus ka ba? Ang tinik mo kasi eh"

or something like

"Boy: Martes ka ba?
Girl: Bakt?
Boy:Kase Lunes ako…
At ikaw ang kinabukasan ko."

But what's funny about this is that 'Boy Pick-up' when dropping a line make entirely no sense at all. You'll get what I mean when you check out some of Boy Pick-ups videos.

I know, you are saying that this spin-off would not be enough or may be just some comedy out there or maybe you are not even sure if this would work or be accepted by the viewers but the casts, the Director Mr. Dominic Zapata and Boy Pick-up himself is pretty positive about the movie. Not only will his character be back but it is also backed up by a really great cast to spice up the big screen. Personally, Let me give you 6 female name. Sam Pinto, Gwen Zamora, Jackie Rice, Ellen Adarna, Sarah Lahbati and Solenn Heussaff. If that is not enough I don't know what is. :) Also joining them are Antonio Aquitania, Boy 2 Quizon, Diego, Moymoy Palaboy, Eri Neeman, Pepe Smith, Lili Cuntapay and Dennis Trillo. (Which I think plays a very convincing role, such flexibility)

Ogie promises that this is not just a slap-stick comedy that you get to watch nowadays. They are saying that this one is different. You would think that this wouldn't make any sense but they promise that this movie will have a story and a lesson. It is not a secret also that the movie will have a special participation of Michael V. So there. :)

The story is about Boy Pick-up living being a legend of an underground battle among the Pikapistas. Undefeated champion in pick-ups and in wooing Neneng B, Boy Pick-up still lives a normal and solitary life. Given that, He also have dues to cover. Being offered to love his landlady in exchange for several months due, Boy Pick-up is forced to look for a job.

He then applies as a pastry chef in a backshop owned by Angel (Solenn) and automatically, Boy Pick-up falls in love with her. But something is moving in the back ground. A dark force played by Dennis named Bagwis is out to ruin everything Boy Pick-up have. Love and life and the fame of winning the pikapista championship crown. As Neneg B. asks,  Bakit? Find out more by catching the movie of Dominic Zapata, Boy Pick-up: The Movie as it airs cinemas nationwide on June 6.

Check out some pictures during their press-con below.

And the better shots. :)
I always go geeky and stupid looking when with a beautiful celeb like her. Who wouldn't?
With Gwen Zamora. One hot emo themed girl that night. Nice and bubbly.
I just had to. That's Ogie the pogie and No, I don't know why my face is like that.

With oh so beautiful Sam Pinto. BOOM!!!

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