Benetton's New Fragrances - Bianco, Nero, Gold & Silver


I was invited by an old friend to attend the launch of Benetton's newest fragrances. The Benetton Bianco, Benetton Nero and their new Hot (gold) & Cold (silver). 

You may be familiar with the Rosso (red), Gaillo (yellow) for women, Verde (green) and (Blu) blue for men. The scents, inspired by Benetton colorful world and now they are releasing two new scents on their collection. Nero (black) for men, and Bianco (white) for women.

I say that it is perfect that Benetton would come up with such line that would showcase opposite but completely complement each other. The colors are simple and they are indeed stylish, simple and universal. Both classic and modern.
You can see by the looks of it, it has this sleek glass flask. It is simple and yes, elegant. If you can also take notice on the design, there is not much print on it buy it has this spray paint effect with the popular Benetton logo on it..

The box also looks nice. They have white with black graphics for Bianco, black with white graphics for Nero
Benetton Bianco for Woman Edt 100mlBenetton Nero for Man Edt 100ml
Personally, I do like the Nero. It has this sexy feel to it. It is kind of bold and gentle and the same time. It has this woody feel but with a slight touch of peppermint.  As for the Bianco, my girlfriend loved the scent too. It has this elegant smell to it. Something like of vanilla and cotton musk.

The Bianco and Nero would sell at around PHP 1,350.00 for the 100ml and PHP 850.00 for the 30ml.

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As for the new Hot and Cold fragrances, they have released the Benetton Hot Gold and Cold Silver. I know. you might get it because the materials Gold and Silver symbolizes the hot and cold temperature. But this is Benetton's reinterpretation of the best selling Hot & Cold fragrance which was created in 1997. 

They did retain the iconic design what has been the signature of the Hot & Cold. 
The Hot Gold which is for women, although it may be fresh on my memory but the scent is of warm fragrance. That I know. It did have this strong base of golden amber and sandalwood as they say. The Cold Silver I remember clearly because its for the guy. Wearing this perfume has this sleek and sophisticated feel. Definitely translate elegance and elegance. This also have a woody scent with silver moss, and vibrant musks. No double a masculine perfume.

To make it short, Gold is warm,elegant and traditional and Silver is cool, glamorous and distinguished.  :) This perfume is expected to sell for around PHP 1,375.00 for the 100ml.

Check out pictures below of the event.

Thanks Ems for the opportunity to experience Benetton Fragrances! and thanks @BenettonPH for the awesome scents! For more info on Benetton Fragrances, please follow @BenettonPH  on twitter and just tweet in your questions. 

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