Argentina Corned Beef's latest endorsers


Anne Curtis, Solenn Heusaff and Georgina Wilson are Argentina Corned Beef's latest endorsers. These three irresistible stars have more more thing in common aside from being gorgeous and hot. They all share the passion for comfort food that makes them feel at home.

Sharing their love for corned beef, the three are all self-confessed corned beef fanatics, Anne, Solenn and Georgina recently came together as the newest members of TV’s most lovable family, Familia Argentina, all sharing a common love for Argentina Corned Beef that always gives them a taste of home no matter where they are. 

Having grown up in Australia and often travelling abroad, Anne shared, “I always miss the typical Pinoy breakfast. Argentina Corned Beef is the kind of thing I get home sick for, and it’s the first thing my sister and I ask for when we come home.” 

She explains how she enjoys Argentina, “I love eating corned beef because it’s like your comfort food, especially on rainy days when you have that perfect warm sticky rice with corned beef. I like putting all kinds of stuff like eggs, potatoes, and onions.” 

Half-French, half-Filipina Solenn is proud of her Pinoy roots confessing, “The Filipino breakfast is my favorite comfort food. When I was abroad in France, I didn’t really know how to cook and I miss home-cooked food. So if you opened my cupboard there’s just pasta and Argentina Corned Beef all the time.” 

Adding a European touch, Solenn’s special Argentina recipe is scrambled eggs and corned beef with loads of fresh or dried herbs and a lot of cayenne pepper, which she flattens into a patty and fries until it gets crispy. 

Georgina, who is half British, grew up in England and studied in Australia but always considered the Philippines as her home. She declares her love for Argentina Corned Beef: “I’ve always been obsessed with corned beef. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I always tweet about it. It really makes me so happy, I think I have this Filipino palate. When I studied in Australia, I would always bring Argentina Corned Beef to remind me of home.” 

“I always tell people if I was stuck on an island, I’d want to bring Argentina Corned Beef with garlic rice, tomatoes, onions and garlic and Ilocano vinegar. I’m very particular with my corned beef,” she adds. 

A true familia on and off-screen. Close friends behind the camera, these girls don’t only share stunning looks and thriving careers but they are also passionate about their Filipino roots especially when it comes to food that brings the goodness of home. Because there really is no place like home, friends like Anne, Solenn and Georgina find the happiness of home in Argentina Corned Beef wherever they are in the world. 

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