My STYX 'Paradise Theatre' posters.

It was a neglected rolled-up STYX poster at first. We didn't really bothered nor troubled ourselves in having it frames because of the cost in having it in one. After 2 decades with the right time and moment and luck... or maybe fate... Dad found it... the perfect frame to go with the big ass size.

And I guess, it will now be mine.

No I have no plans of selling it. Yes, I am jamming to STYX music right now. I am liking this one right here.

And here's another classic, "The Best of Times"

Anyways, just sharing. :) Don't you think those are some awesome poster collections? :) Now, I'm gonna download some awesome STYX classics and play on a loop!

This is Mix signing out!
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  1. I have these framed and hanging in my office.  They are beyond a doubt my favorite pieces of Styx memorabilia.

  2. That is so cool!  I wonder how much these would worth if we sell these. Hmmmm 

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