I just watched Marvel's The Avengers last night. I will try not to oversell the said franchise but I will share my thoughts on it. Don't worry I am going to make it short and sweet and No Spoilers here! :)

The director Josh Whedon puts all the stops in making sure that this movie lives up to the expectations of fans and non fans. Although it is obvious that it would be a burden juggling so many protagonist, Whedon, brilliantly balanced to the whole superhuman collisions giving all the characters enough story to be able to weave the whole thing together.
You can sense that the geekiness is there and the charm as well. I've nothing to say for the special effects. It definitely shines and stands out. It's fast paced fun, injecting a little humor to every scene possible. With the right tone of affectionate spoofery not too silly nor annoying. 

Over all, film is robustly entertaining and manages to maintain a playful, crowd-pleasing spirit. Watching it is exhilarating, definitely delivering its every promise. :) I do recommend that you experience it on IMAX. It is going to be soooo worth it!
and with that, I shall give Marvel's The Avengers 5 of 5 popcorns!


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  1. I am surprised to
    know this.. I really don't have any idea about this at all.. Thanks for
    updating me buddy!!

  2. Really? it's the buzz for months now. :) Fan or not, this is one hell of a movie. :)

  3. Should introduce more Avengers characters in the next installments, don't you think?

  4. I agree. Too bad. I guess its too late now. :(

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