REMEMBER THIS? Well, I've posted the comparison last May 11, 2010. Back when I was checking for an internet connection.I ended up getting SKY BROADBAND. Which I didn't have a problem with. I was paying P 999 / month at 1.5 speed. I live in Manila and I was pretty happy with how their service was. 

Now that we are moving, here I am trying again to check which would best fit my needs and can keep up with my high internet demands. :)

Check out the comparison I made back then in May 11, 2010.

I know, it is not much of a comparison. I also know that their service has improved already in terms of speed capacity and prices. Let's see then... :)

I am not keen on getting a PLDT DSL. No thanks. I might use SKY BROADBAND again, I am pretty much happy with their service. I am open into getting a Wireless thingy connection. I am just not sure what would be the pros and cons in comparing BROADBAND to WIRELESS.

So if you think you know what you're talking about and know what I mean. Do enlighten me and others who are in the frenzy of choosing their internet service provider.

I am choosing an internet service provider for my home. Basically making my new home a WIFI hotspot. :)

So hit the comments below and let me see what you think! :)

This is Mix signing out!

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