KNORR takes lead in offering better rice to Filipinos

Rice has always been central to the Filipino diet, especially now when more Filipinos depend on rice to ease hunger. According to Dr. Imelda Agdeppa of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), Filipinos gauge their food security based on their capacity to buy and serve rice to their families.

Due to budget constraints, however, majority of the population settle for low grade rice. Rice of this quality is typically identified by its inconsistent texture, color and taste.

But today, a revolutionary product from Unilever aspires to help improve the rice that Filipinos eat. Rice cooked with Knorr Rice Mate has been proven in consumer tests to be softer, to look whiter and to have the aroma of freshly harvested rice. Made with Thai Jasmine Rice flour and Pandan extract, Knorr Rice Mate is an affordable solution to low grade rice that many Filipinos consume.
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Boosting nutrition through rice fortification

Based on research conducted by FNRI, the average Filipino diet is deficient in various nutrients including Vitamin A, iron, calcium, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and ascorbic acid. Low dietary intake of essential vitamins and minerals in the body leads to micronutrient deficiency and in severe cases, malnutrition.

In 2000, the Food Fortification Law of the Philippines was enacted, covering the mandatory fortification of rice and other staples like flour, oil and sugar with vitamin A and iron.

“Food fortification is the addition of nutrients to commonly consumed foods either to replace the lost nutrients during processing or to enhance the amount of nutrients contained in the food,” explained Agdeppa.

FNRI already launched its iron-fortified rice technology, which has proven to be helpful in preventing anemia, a condition characterized by a lack of iron in the body. “Significant reductions in anemia were observed in both the pilot and large-scale studies among schoolchildren,” said Agdeppa.

Because rice is a staple food among Filipinos, improving the quality of low grade rice is strategic in helping to improve the nutritional status of Filipinos, hence , Knorr Rice Mate’s added micro-nutrients for rice.

The first product of its kind, Knorr Rice Mate also fortifies has vitamin A and iodine, which are nutritional needs that must be met on a daily basis. Vitamin A increases the immune response to prevent infection and helps maintain good vision, while Iodine helps in the development of the brain and central nervous system.

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