I was lucky enough to be one of the few people to witness the The Dark Knight Rises Prologue on the big screen. Yes, on the big screen they call IMAX. The 6 minute prologue was completely spoiler-free. And as the lights went down, and it started to play, I find myself excited with anticipation on what would be revealed. You can feel some energy inside the room who can relate with Bane and The Dark Knight.
I am going to share as little as possible on the prologue so as not to ruin your own prologue experience. It was definitely a kick ass 6 minutes of The Dark Night. I myself had no full grasp of the whole prologue and I did avoid articles related to it. It is safer and would would enjoy it more. So if you are smart, you'd do the same. It is better to stay away and just enjoy it on the big screen. Just as the director Christopher Nolan wants us to.

But here is what i'll share. TOM HARDY as Bane? if at first you were having second thoughts if he can pull it off? Well, that doubt will be erased after you watch the 6 minute long footage. If you think that the last Dark Knight movie of Nolan couldn't be better, well you're wrong again... They raised the bar and I just peed in my pants just remembering it.

After the awesome 6 minutes it still showed a minute or so of clips from the rest of the movie. The IMAX footage left me in awe and certainly did raised my excitement for The Dark Knight Rises. Yes yes yes! I cannot wait!

To those who can't control the temptation anymore. Just hold on a little longer, don't spoil it for yourself, stop googling, watch the prologue on the big screen (first) and yes, it will be worth it. :)

As per my ninja googling skills, the prologue shall only be available on IMAX.

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