#MORE FUN Compilation 1

DOT's new campaign, MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES received a couple of bash from basically everyone since it was made public and was made the slogan for Philippines replacing WOW Philippines. Know-it-all people seem to have so much bad to say about the campaign, instead of helping out and supportign the campaign that will help and improve tourist traffic here in the Philippines.

Still that didn't stop people from watermarking and tagging every picture and make each one more amusing than the other. Below are some that I was able to get online. (Google & Facebook) Yes they may be funny but people are just so NEGA-TRON on everything, they bash and bash and just can't seem to support our own. A campaign wouldn't work if all of us bash this, so can't we just show support to our own?

Anyways, onto some witty, funny and really nice #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines pictures.

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So what's your favorite? Stay tuned for more :) If you have some witty pictures or ideas, feel free to share it with me.

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