If you haven't heard of Mikey Bustos then I would ask you, "Where the hell have you been?" The Fil-Canadian YouTube sensation  just won the 2011 Wiki Pinoy of The Year. Not only is he making waves to us Filipinos but also in the international scene. Right now he is going around with series of appearances and radio tours promoting his latest accomplishment, PRISON DANCER.

We had a sit down with the man himself and chatted with him for a bit. We asked how he started up, his plans, what he thinks of the Filipinos and their traditions and how Filipinos are. A down to earth and easy to talk to guy, really nice.

Anyways, 'Prison Dancer is an original interactive musical web series' (Try saying that ten times :) ) inspired by another Philippine pride YouTube phenomenon, the "Dancing Inmates of Cebu". Michael also known as Michael plays as Christian, one of the inmates. This is the very first Canadian produced Inter-Active Web Musical that is created to showcase the Filipino talent and culture, one way to also elevate the platform of entertainment and digital storytelling basically reachable everywhere.

To give others an idea of Prison Dancer, picture GLEE *slash* MISS SAIGON *slash* CHOOSE YOUR OWN adventure. Aside from the ones I mentioned, another good thing about this is that it is filled with Catchy Pop Tunes, star-crossed lovers and very engaging interactive elements. 

As they say, Prison Dancer brings together the best of Broadway and YouTube entertainment and definitely takes storytelling to a higher level. If you still don't get that, let me break it down for you, PRISON DANCER: THE MUSICAL  has all the ingredients of a new viral hit, we have...

Filipino dancing inmates + Michael Jackson dance moves + B-boy/America's Best Dance Crew choreography (e.g. the Jabbawockees)+ Youtube viral video culture + Multi-platform musical theatre + Manny Pacquiao pride+ Original music, lyrics and script (written by two former cast members of that other musical that made Filipinos famous) = Prison Dancer: The Musical

Prison Dancer is a 12 episode launching in March 2012. written by Romeo Candido and Carmen De Jesus, and directed by Romeo Candido. Music and Lyrics by Romeo Candido and Produced by Ana Serrano. It stars Mikey Bustos, Jeigh Madjus, Catherine Ricafort, Matt Wells, Ron Josol, Nicco Lorenzo, Norman Alconcel, Pierre Bayuga and Joseph Sevillo.

Check out photos of the press con below and  here.

This is Mix and Mikey signing out!
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The Plot of Prison Dancer
Prison Dancer is the story of 6 Filipino prisoners whose lives are forever changed by the dancing rehabilitation program that became a worldwide viral sensation on Youtube. Using surveillance footage, interviews with inmates inside the prison, and good old fashioned investigative journalism, pop culture journalist Matt Wells uncovers the personal, poignant, hilarious and universal stories of 6 prison dancers whose group dancing turned a maximum security jailhouse into a world stage.

Behind the prison walls, we meet inmates Ruperto Poblador aka LOLA (who along with his gay minions OO OO and NANA, choreographs the first prison dance routines), HOOKAPS, (the prison hustler), SHAKESPEARE (the prison’s resident poet) and CHRISTIAN, (the prison’s newest inmate) and discovers a tale of life, death, dreams, fears and ultimately, redemption.

Starring: Mikey Bustos, Catherine Ricafort, Jeigh Madjus, Matt Wells, Ron Josol, Nicco Lorenzo, Norm Alconcel, Pierre Bayuga & Joseph Sevillo. Directed by Romeo Candido, written by Romeo Candido + Carmen De Jesus and Produced by Ana Serano


Visit Prison Dancer (YouTube) and check out his famous Filipino Accent Tutorial

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