CRAZY MRT: Unsolicited tips and observation

I know that the government is still subsiding the expenses of our MRT. With the high prices of gasoline, people are forced to take the transit to save, and to travel faster avoiding traffic. But heck, you have to with other people who are also rushing, who are not afraid to shove you and push you. I tell you, these everyday commuters will eat you alive! and if you are not ready to face this mob, well, I say try hailing a cab instead.

Have you seen this? well, some people say that it is illegal to take pics inside, but it is just so amusing to see how crazy a transit station could be. 
People while waiting for the train

I commute, It's what we Filipinos do to survive. Since I was young, It has always been there and been that way. Do I drive? I Do. 1,000-2000 pesos worth of gas lasts me 3-5 days. Very slim on 6 days. I've tried computing and yeah, taking the transit is easier and faster. But! you have to get through some 'obstacles'.

It gets crazy, the pushing and shoving, sometimes, a fight breaks into all the commotion of going out and coming in. IT GETS CRAZEEEE.

Here are my unsolicited tips and observations in the MRT.
1. Stored Value - Having this saves you a lot of trouble and time. I need not explain. For a hundred bucks, this would get you 20-30 minutes ahead compared to falling inline and buying a single journey ticket.

I am not so sure why everyday commuters just can't get Stored Value cards. I know this must be a high price in commuting or some just uses the MRT twice a week. But this saves a lot of time. If I am not mistaken, a stored value card lasts upto 3 months. 

Oh and getting a stored value card gets you in the station faster that single journey buyers. This saves you another 15-20 minutes. :)

2. Keeping you valuables safe - because if you have one dangling around or just in your pocket and not alert and careful you will be robbed at least 10-15% of the time.

3. Side for Women, Elderly, Disabled and those with children - Yeap they have a cart or a part of the train that are allotted for them. Observation is that, some women still choose to be in the cart that is for the general customers. Maybe because they get offered a seat when they are standing there? as compared to the train that is full of women. Or, maybe the women on the other side is more vicious? :) hehehe

4. Pilots / Drivers - These so called registered and trained drivers seems to have a nack of stepping on the accelerator and stomping onto the breaks. Your trip wouldn't be complete if you don't find yourself off-balance when you stand and hang on to the railings.

5. Smell - Well, since you are travelling with the mass, the mix of all the smell from all places are all into one.

6. Aircon / Exhaust - There are times when the aircon is cool and there are some that is just so hot. In some instance, the driver blasts it when travelling and turns it off when they are stopping at a station. Ener-Con? or what?

7. People at the door - Yeap, I am guilty on this one, but hey, I only stay there when my travel is like 2-3 stations only. So if you are travelling from end-to-end don't stay in the middle of the two doors. Try squeezing yourself in and go to the middle of the cart/train. This way, you won't be squeezed in by people coming in from both sides.

8. Terminal / Station - The station is ....well dirty. It also goes for the CR.I am not sure if there is actually someone who handles the operation of each station? or 1 operations manager every 3 or 5 stations but I think that someone has to be there to manage the traffic, address the concern, push for paper works and others. If you would have  a complain on a certain concern, who would you to? The police desk? The Cashier office? 

All I'm saying is that monthly maintenance could have helped in keeping each station organized, clean and operational. Purchase of new equipment or renovation wouldn't be needed if these were properly maintained which I was sure wasn't given much attention.

9. Guards & Tellers - Well, as we expected, in a stressful workplace and environment like that, you can't help but be pissed off most of the time and be not in the mood and grouchy, I get it. With all of these things going on, it would be nice to know that courtesy, a smile or customer service would be there. But hey, it is not always there and I generally understand and feel for our people working in that stressful environment. 

Well, I know it is not easy managing a transit system. With the demands and needs of people being addressed everyday. I originally planned to just share a pic and here i ranting longer than I should and make a few sense of this posts. I rant and We rant but we still take this means of transportation. I write this because I somehow want to call the attention of who ever is handling the LRT & MRT lines to make it better. It is not saying bad things about the management but a call to action on these everyday concerns.

Anyways, I am saying too much and I'm going to shut up now. :)

This is Mix signing out!

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  1. I started to appreciate lrt2 and lrt when going to events. Government should buy and install those xray machines in each station and guards should stop poking my bag. I am impressed with beijing's subway system. Well maintained and organized. I could take their subway in gown and heels.

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