Ladies and gentlemen! I have the planner! YEY! I think that was a record for me. I know I was slow..  It started November 3, today's November 16. So that was like.... errrrr  14 days? :) Anyways, check out my detailed unboxing below.

The Box:
Upon looking at it there is no branding of STARBUCKS or what so ever, but upon seeing the SparkHope logo, you can sense that it is a Starbucks planner. The box look nice and was like a call to action sign to give gifts of hope. Layout is simple and classy. Oh and the Starbucks branding on the box is at the back. Really small.

They also have a serial / control number on the box and inside back cover, and yes, as you can see I chose the darkest one. The Oak. No regrets here. Loving the look and color of it. Although I did say on my previous postdsa that my favorite is the Spruce, but! people can change their mind. So I went for this lovely dark lookin Oak. :)

The Knitted Pouch Bag.
Again, nice color, if you peek inside you can see that it has 2 pockets inside for you small items like memory cards, USB, etc.

I also love looking at the button on the pouch. So clean and classy.

The Planner
Look dope huh? nice? eh? hehe...
Hard front and back cover. I think they used wood in this? A thin one, or this cover is really manufactured well and great attention to the wood effect and details.

Engraved type of the Starbucks' new logo. A little more than a quarter showing. Again, cool wood effect and great details.

Engraved on the upper right side of the planner.

At the top portion at the back of the planner is also an engrave Starbucks Shared Planet texts and logo. On the 9th year of the Starbucks Coffee planner, they are now on a Shared Planet™ Theme. A Christmas Tradition with a commitment in ways that is good for each other and good for the planet. 

At the bottom part of course is the Starbucks Coffee logo.

The planner also have a garter type strap at the back so that users can easily keep the planner closed at all times. Although i do not find it necessary as the planner covers are heavy enough and the planner is designed in a way that in can easily be closed at all times. Still it's a nice accent to the whole planner experience. Check out below how it would look below.


As for me? I will try not to use it so it won't be loose and all flimsy when I carry the planner around :) 

The insides
Days are divided horizontally same as last year but this year, the whole week is divided equally and leaves you with a space on the right for notes. Nice eh? for me i think this was the one that was lacking on last year's planner. Although the spaces are kind of small per day.

Insides (Left and Right)

They also have some calendars for each and every month that spreads on the pages so you can get a bigger view of the happenings of the month. Present, past of future. On the picture below-right. You can easily track or browse through the pages because it identifies which month you are currently browsing through.

They also have some cool designs and pictures on some pages with one liners on the right.

The Freebies
Same as the past few months, they gave out coupons. Nine different coupons that can be redeemed at all Starbucks stores in the Philippines in 2012. They also gave out this reasonable thick bookmark replacing the old string and a Starbucks related at the end of the old bookmarks.

Although I miss the old kind of bookmark because I was looking forward on what they would come up next. Last last year was the Starbucks cup, last year was the coffee bean. Small item like token is nice to have as a collection. Anyways... 

Oh I forgot to mention that on the inside back cover of the planner, they have sleeve like pouch for important papers, receipts etc, in this case, I placed the 9 coupons and the book mark( which can't be seen now)

Want to know how to get a hold of this planner? Well, check out this post right here. http://mixofeverything.blogspot.com/2011/11/much-awaited-starbucks-planner-and.html

Just for comparison. Below is this year's and next year's planner :)

Please let me know if this post did an awesome job in unboxing the Starbucks 2012 Planner. Feel free to hit the comments below. :)

This is Mix signing out!

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