What a perfect time to go and get fashionable and trendy items than this holiday season right? and with Penshoppes new boutique store at Mall of Asia and new collections, designs, items and the recent new endorser Mario Maurer.

You can see that the store now look a lot better than before. It is fresh on the eyes. They also have a better window display and logo. Looks World Class indeed.

Apparels are arranged well, and areas are well lit. It looks bright, has a good flow of every items making sure that every side is covered and can be accessed easily.

Wasn't able to visit the dressing room, I will soon. :)

Watch the transformation of Penshoppe, Mall of Asia in this time lapse video.

Don't forget to visit the new AWESOME PENSHOPPE newly renovated boutique over the weekend!

This is mix signing out!

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