Featuring a pool of Asia's talented casts comprising both veteran and up-and-coming new faces from around the region, The Kitchen Musical is a tantalizing tale stretching 13 episodes of an hour each, centered around good food, great wines. Each episode will be wrapped in specially re-arranged and re-recorded popular hit songs animated with dance sequences. A menu of delicious dishes AND dessert will be featured every episode that promises to be as luscious and addictive as the show itself.
The plot of The Kitchen Musical is set in the musical world of a famous restaurant and anchored around the storyline of a rich young girl’s journey of self-discovery when she starts working in the kitchen of the restaurant, straight out of Le Cordon Bleu, Paris. 

Check out The Kitchen Musical Gala Dinner pictures below.

The event was hosted by the US Girls

Opening with a bang, the casts bumped and shook their hips.

A few introductions and a bit of information on what is The Kitchen Musical

Iya introducing the next performer, Jay-R

The supporting casts being introduced and interviewed by Megan Young and Iya Villania

The Director and the creator CheeK.  follow him on twitter.@tongueincheek

The beautiful Angel Aquino and he beautiful friend

 The hot and talented Marie Digby renders the crowd a song.
more pictures of Marie Digby on my next post :)
Christian's dance moves was a surprise to others. 
They didn't know Christian could dance... Well and good! 

 Next is Gerald Salonga, Karylle and Art Acuña.

The three shared how it was like arranging the songs and working together via Skype.

I couldn't help but to take a picture of the beautiful Iya Villania

Next performance was given by Karylle's sister.

Christian Bautista, Carla Dunareanu and Karylle delivers a good performance. 

I couldn't take my eyes off Carla (girl on right), such fresh face and beautiful

The ever awesome Gerard Salonga

The waiters did an awesome presentation of desserts.

I shall be posting pictures of the food I took during the event. Really nice and good. 
Stay tuned for the second part of my post about The Kitchen Musical Gala Dinner.  

This is Mix signing out!

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