Happy Feet 2: Movie Review


Happy feet 2 is a mix of a lot of stories, from Mumble, Erik, Sven, Ramon to Will and Bill.

Its nice that it gives the message of global warming and the bad climate change. It also shows parenting skills, about bravery and courage. It is a mix of a lot of things for me. too much side stories and a bit messy. At first I cant figure out the first 30mins of it. But I gotta say, I enjoyed it and I'm sure you will to. The rest of the cast makes the things and the scenes bearable and enjoyable.

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Robin Williams as Ramon was funny. Really funny. I liked him better when he is animated :) haha anyways, one of the main side story is Will and Bill played by Pitt and Damon. Their's is a quests going out of the way and exploring what was outside the group of krills. :) and their journey was both exciting-adventurous-funny to crazy-dangerous. I gotta say, it had good laughs in them. Watch out for it :)

Again, I couldn't say enough that the rest if the cast was great, blended well with the main characters. I think that Kids of all ages will definitely get a kick watching it. A reasonably good sequel. I recommend it! :)

Oh, there's one part where Erik, suddenly burst out into an operatic-stageplay kind of song a few minutes past half of the movie, I literally gripped my arm rest and squinted. I am not saying that is was that bad but, the baby high pitch kind of voice singing dramatic lines just wasn't for me. :)

Over all, and looking past the crazy side stories and flashbacks, it did deliver and all star cast with some funny jabs. :) I give it 3.5 stars!

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