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After watching the trailer, I just want to jump right in and watch the whole of it. To tell the story in a nut shell, the movie Drive stars Ryan Gosling as a driver who falls in love with his beautiful neighbor, Irene. Irene gets dragged into a dangerous underworld by her ex-husband, while Gosling's character finds himself getting tangled with the deadly criminals all in his efforts to show his love.

From the start of the clip and opening credits, you can already sense that the feel of the whole movie would be a retro-artsy and stylized. Has a look of an old Hollywood movie and great music and backgrounds to go with each scene. the whole soundtrack is infuesed with the '80s vibe.The car chases, the action scenes are just neatly executed and well thought of, amazingly timed. I couldn't say any less to the director Nicolas Winding Refn who won Best Director for the movie at the Festival De Cannes

The movie was beautifully directed and shot. It takes its time and gently works its way into building excitement and setting up the next scene. Occasionally unpredictable, and beautifully paced. If you ordinarily don't like action movies, this may be good for you. The movie have Carey Mulligan, as Driver’s next-door neighbor love interest. Both showed minimal acting when together but their looks and chemistry in acting minimal showed great passion and showed the depth of their feelings. The subtle glances, smile, holding hands was what the movie just needed.

"Drive Movie"
During the movie, I hear people reacting to some of the stillness of some of the shots of the movie. The type where you can almost hear the heartbeat of your fellow movie goes because the scene lingers longer on some shots that usual. But I think that it is a nice touch into the whole feel of the movie. Shots were in a quiet pace, and the deathly silence to me is what counts and was just perfect. The director along with Ryan just managed to neatly put all of it together

Ryan Gosling's performance in this movie was his best so far. I can see a Sean Penn in the making. This movie type is a little out of his comfort zone, and yet he did so well. The movie couldn't have picked a better lead than Gostling. Ryan sporting the minimalist approach makes his character mysteriously compelling. The minimalist movement and emotions just flew out perfectly out of Gostling. 

Overall I loved Drive. It is tense, well-thought-of well-acted and well-executed. Expect some violent scenes which just adds awesome kick to this movie.

I rate the movie 4 popcorns :) because movies like these doesn't come often :)

Drive will be in Ayala Mall theatres on November 9! Start your engines and experience one deadly satisfying ride! :) Check out the trailer below.

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