Win Big on Wheels in Cash Cab Asia

Every ride is a thrill on AXN this October!

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The only game show on wheels is in town! This October, AXN’s brand new original production Cash Cab Asia makes its debut across AXN’s regional footprint of more than 96 million households across Asia. Unsuspecting passengers board a taxi and are quizzed on their general knowledge as they go to their destination. It’s the only taxi ride where every ride is a thrill! Cash Cab Asia airs starting on October 18, 2011, kicking off with a double-episode premiere. This begins its Tuesday schedule at 7:35pm, first and exclusively on AXN.

As part of the US$6 million joint production fund between the Singapore Economic Development Board and Sony Pictures Television’s Networks, Asia, Cash Cab Asia is produced by Active TV in Singapore, with its format owned by ALL3MEDIA. A three-time Daytime Emmy winner for ‘Outstanding Game Show’, Cash Cab was first devised by Adam Wood and produced in the UK. Since then, several adaptations have been developed in Canada, Australia, US and other countries.

The reality series is hosted by the effervescent and ever entertaining Oli Pettigrew, whose quick wits and charming banter guarantee more than a laugh or two. The game starts once the passenger gets into the Cash Cab, where Oli lays out the rules of the game. With special focus on general knowledge pertinent to the region, as well as pop culture, the questions increase in difficulty as they go along and every correct answer wins them instant cash! The first four questions nets them US$50 each, with subsequent questions pegged at US$100 each. The contestants can salvage their chances by making use of a “Mobile Shout-out” (by calling someone for help) and “Street Shout-Out” (just rolling down the window and asking a random stranger). Additional bonus questions include the ‘Double Or Nothing’, where contestants can opt to either double their earnings or maintain status quo; as well as the ‘Red Light Challenge’ which kicks into place at a red light once the contestants hit the US$200 mark. If the contestants answer the multiple choice question correctly, they get to double their earnings! There’s a catch though, for if the contestants utilize their three lives before they reach their destination, Oli will boot them out of the cab!
“We are always looking for innovative new ways to entertain our viewers while staying true to our brand values and promise. Hugely entertaining, the award-winning Cash Cab format is a unique mobile TV game show featuring unsuspecting passengers and lots of spontaneous reaction. A thrilling fun-filled ride full of pleasant surprises - just like AXN!” says Ricky Ow, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Networks, Asia, Sony Pictures Television.
Adds Michael Mckay, Executive Producer of the show, “We are thrilled to team up with AXN to produce what will quickly be regarded as one of the best productions of the Cash Cab format in the world. Oli is a brilliant host for this format. He's quick witted and clearly has a lot of fun doing it. Aside from answering the questions, I think viewers will find this series very funny.”

 With the Cash Cab transversing over 500km and guzzling over 200 litres of diesel during the course of production, Oli has certainly picked up his fair share of quirky personalities such as the likes of the typical Singaporean middle-aged ‘uncle’ and ‘auntie’ who flee the cab upon discovering that they were on a game show. Expect lots of funny moments in Cash Cab Asia that are bound to crack you up and take the chance to try your hand at the questions. Who knows, you might just be an undiscovered general knowledge whiz!

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