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Nivea for Men certainly knows how to keep me going and at the same time keep me protected. Last time, we had this gym work out experience - see here, and not, LazerXtreme challenge. I was so psyched to find out I was going to be a part of this. One, I am excited to try to put into challenge the awesome Nivea for Men Silver Protect. 2nd, I am excited for it would be my first time  to try out the LazerXtreme. LazerXtreme is a laser tag game concept. Shooting each other and taking hits on your vest by laser! brilliant right?

But let me take you back to the purpose and the star of the event. The Nivea for Men - Silver Protect

So you ask me WHO is the target for the Silver Protect?
MEN. Men naturally sweat more than women do. They also have more bacteria in their underarms; on one square centimeter of skin, they could have a million microscopic organisms that cause body odor! However, modern men on-the-go do not want to have to stop and worry about body odor. They want to be confident that their deodorant gives them highly reliable protection for 48 hours whether at work or at play. With sophisticated scientific technology, NIVEA FOR MEN Silver Protect is the deodorant specifically made for men that they can count on even in extreme conditions.

WHAT does it do?

As shared to us by the Nivea team, NIVEA FOR MEN Silver Protect Deodorant is the first formula to utilize the antibacterial power of silver ions and fights body odor by targeting its cause. These highly active molecules incapacitate odor-forming micro-organisms, stopping body odor from being produced in the first place.

Despite being tough on bacteria, NIVEA FOR MEN Silver Protect is still mild and gentle to the delicate skin of the underarm, minimizing the chances of getting irritation or redness.

Honestly speaking. I am a user of Nivea for Men products ever since it came our years back, this is not a hard sell, but a recommendation. I used to sweat a lot, i don't smell bad, but when the weather becomes humid or I am wearing a thick top then commuting and taking transit, it can't be helped that the natural smell and reaction of the body comes out. With Nivea, it doesn't happen to me anymore.
The Green Team ready to kick some butt!
fast forward to after the 2 rounds of game... and the winner is...
As expected, the green Team
Here are the highlights of the NIVEA FOR MEN Deodorant Silver Protect

- A new dimension in deodorant protection for men
- First deodorant with silver ions which fights body odor by eliminating odor-causing bacteria
- Effective and reliable 48 hour protection
- Gentle on underarm skin
- Dry, woody aromatic scent (with citrus top notes) that smells as fresh at the end of a long day as when it’s first applied.

Nivea for Men definitely pushed the envelop in deodorant protection and with the formulated silver ions, you'd get the awesome 48 hour protection. Nivea also introduced their new Facebook app. Do check out their new facebook application here

NIVEA FOR MEN Deodorant Silver Protect is available in:
- 25mL Roll-on (Php 55.00)
- 50mL Roll-on (Php 95.00)
- 150mL Spray (Php 180.00)

I encourage all men to leave your sticks and soaps, and try Nivea for Men Silver Protect Roll-on and Spray. If you want to stay protected... Use the NIVEA FOR MEN Deodorant Silver Protect.

Just sharing. Wondering who is that on the no. 1 spot in kill points name 'Elijah'? well.. ehem... Yeap that's me. :) love it!!!

This is Mix signing out!

Thanks to Jeman and Orange Magazine TV for the pictures!!! You can also visit it here.

You can check out some pictures below.

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