My LG Cinema 3D Experience.


It was a night of good times and great fun as LG invited fellow online bloggers and digital media for an intimate and fun gathering to try out their awesome 3D products. 

As we register, we were divided into two groups. A sign that there will be grouping and games up ahead. We were warmly welcomed, then offered a feast. After the sumptuous dinner, we had the chance to try out some cools 3D games via the Xbox 360 Kinect like the 'River Rush Adventure Game' using our oh so awesome 3D glasses. Tried the game '3D GT Racing Challenge' using the LG Optimus 3D connected to the 3D CInema TV via HDMI cable. We also got to watch 3D clips using the LG 3D glasses and comparing it to other 3D standard glasses.

When the introduction started, we were told what was in stored for us during the night. Then all of us were given a crash course on the latest LG 3D products the 3D glasses and the advantages of owning one. The 3D smart phones and Cinema 3D TVs were the stars for the night. They shared that the Cinema 3D TV is not just the latest in 3D technology, but it is also a Smart TV where users can connect to the internet and enjoy both international and local content such as ABS-CBN’s iWantTV. These apps are made available through a home dashboard that is accessible with an easy-to-use magic motion remote control that operates like a PC mouse. The LG Cinema 3D glasses also took the spot as they were given out for free for us to take home as a remembrance. (Awesome right?!)

We wore our cool 3D glasses then they played some really nice clips and movie trailers during one of their games. They also viewed a few LG 3D AVPs. I gotta say, it is viewed in such an amazing 3D quality. (thanks to the help of the awesome glasses). Just by looking at the LG Cinema 3D TV, all you can see is superb picture perfect quality from any angle. Seriously, I tried it myself, i went around the place, even farther at the back and yes, I got the same awesome 3D experience. It was matched with the HX906 3D Blu-Ray Home Theatre System. which made the whole viewing experience just great. 

Another worth noting is the LG 3D glasses. Unlike other 3D glasses, this LG 3D glasses is lightweight and flexible. perfect on the face, fits nicely with or without your eye glasses. The LG 3D glasses shows flicker-free 3D images and runs with out batteries so you won't have to recharge. It is clear and doesn't hurt the eyes when watching 3D especially on action scenes or any swift transitions. Certainly with this one, I've nothing to worry about any eye strain. 

LG is really stepping up and raising the bar in the 3D category. Not only with the great features and great technology to back them but they also sell their products at a very reasonable price.

One of the TV used is the LG Cinema 3D TV. One of the many great thing about this TV is that it converts 2D into 3D. Now how does that sound? It can convert your ordinary movie into a 3D movie instantly with just a few push of the buttons. :) You don't have to go to the movie houses to watch awesome 3D movies once or twice and pay 300-400 for a 3D movie. Now with the LG Cinema 3D TV, you can watch your favorite movies, tv series or anything that you want as often as you want. 

Their 3D phone was also put to the test by eager gamers and tech people. The Optimus 3D - the world’s first full 3D smartphone with tri-dual technology has dual core, dual channel, and dual memory composition ensures maximum processing power for demanding games. And I personally couldn't help but be amazed with its features and how the Optimus 3D can easily be connected to the your LG CINEMA 3D TV and experience 3D gaming on you phone without the glasses or with glasses on your TV. That's just brilliant!

The bloggers night wasn't just about that. There were some fun games for bloggers which revolved on the 3D concept, and I would be lying if I said nobody had fun. Because we all did. Movie trivias, trying out the awesome Xbox 360 Kinect games-3D style and some Q&A's. Sadly, our team didn't win the awesome goodies, but it's all good. As There were also some cool raffle prizes up for grabs like LG monitor, and LG phones.

This is definitely an awesome 3D experience for me and I wish for more of these. :) Check out my previous posts on LG. 

This is Mix signing out!

You can check out the pictures of the event below.

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  1. Para ka na ring nanonood sa cinema nyan. Thanks for sharing the experince, for sure maraming bibili nyan. :)

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