Kristen Stewart as SNOW WHITE. Set photos.


It is not your usual Disney Snow White. This is a little more twisted that the original cartoon, and this is better because Belle the Vampire is your fully armored Snow White and your shoulder and chest baring heroine.

Now who wouldn't want a former hot vampire now your classic character from your childhood all wet? (Wet on the set that is)
Kstew maybe all grouchy and emo and mumbling everytime we see her, but in this case, or in this picture... definitely worth a thousand words... ohhh Bella...

Check out more pictures after the break.

Check out more pictures after the break.

 below are more pictures of her in full battle gear armor.

I am so gonna watch Kstew, stew the hell out of me. I hope this lives up to the hype! :) You can check out video update below.

This is Mix signing out!

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