Guess what I got in the Mail?!

I just got home then mom handed me this package... It's kinda hard, short, cylindrical, with a few card boards and paper bag feel.

Want to know what it is when I opened it up? check it out after the break! :)

(The picture of on the left has no relevance of what so ever. :) Just sharing the shot as I was riding at Enchanted Kingdom's carousel.)

I am supposed to use my new NIVEA FOR MEN Silver Protect Deo Roll-on during our upcoming active event.

Thanks NIVEA FOR MEN!!! I will definitely use this on our lazer tagging event. I hope my fellow bloggers are. I'll frag all of 'em with the help of my Silver Protect Deo Roll-on, I am protected and will feel comftable in moving around. (*wink wink, plugging :D haha ) 

Played with the text of the invite, so it wouldn't be like errrr, announced. :) I'll start using the Silver Protect Roll-on tomorrow. Let me test the 48h protection! :) Thanks again NIVEA FOR MEN, I am so pampered now with the products I've been using. Oh yeah! 

This is Mix signing out!

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