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"ENCANTADA sa EK" by Ballet Philippines

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When I attended the press presentation of Enchanted Kingdom's 16th anniversary offering, I was able to watch the beautifully made production "ENCANTADA sa EK" by Ballet Philippines.

I don't usually watch ballets, just stage plays way back in h.s., more in college and a few after that. My idea of ballet, dancers interprets a story and conveys their emotions into their movements and their dance. And ballet Philippines did just that. I was hesitant at first in checking it out, but I went for it.
Stage was kind of bare, and the lights were simple. Then started...From start to finish, the movements, the transitions and the fluid motion of the main characters to the other stage dancers just seamless. My eyes and awed emotion couldn't believe what I was seeing. Let me break it down. Ballet training is not easy, let's say dancing is easy can be taught, but the precision, the emotions, the acting, and the smoothness of the whole production frame was almost perfect. I know for a fact that it isn't easy. It takes passion and training and dedication to be able to perform that well, and i wouldn't expect any less from Ballet Philippines. To the group. A great great job and a very outstanding performance.

It is nice to see the EK is bringing the arts and the production to the most magical and enchanting place in the Philippines. Educating the people through these arts and also offering it to their patrons. This only shows how world class EK is by simply bringing world class performances into their place, so to EK. awesome job and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it. We for more of it in the future! :)

You can check out EK's official press release below.

Enchanted Kingdom, the country’s first and only premier theme park is set to stage another world-class performance for the 16th Anniversary celebration this October – Ballet Philippines’ Encatada sa EK last October 2 at the Eldar’s Tent, 5:00 PM. 

Encantada, an Agnes Locsin contemporary dance piece, is a ballet production that encompasses man’s destruction of nature and its consequences. The multi-awarded Germany-based dancer Georgette Sanchez will retell the role of Encantada as the sovereign spirit of the mountains. 
This interpretative dance masterpiece is EK’s anniversary treat to all its park guests for free.
Witness arts at its finest at the magical world of Enchanted Kingdom.

You may check out more pictures here.

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