Bucket list before the world ends


If you can check out the count down widget on my side panel, you can see that it is a countdown for something... It may or may not be the countdown of the end of the world. BOOOOOOOOO now was that scary? No right? But with all that hype and things that they say that are going to happen, made me come up with a bucket list which are on top pf my head. and I am sharing below my top 10 things to do and things I want to achieve before the world ends. These are simple and attainable :)

1. Watch Jason Mraz's concert at Smart Araneta Coliseum on October 30th
2. Go for an Asian country tour for 2 weeks all expense paid with Nix.
3. Go on a shopping spree every weekend.
4. Treat mom and dad to a week long awesome vacation.
5. Eat buffet all day everyday . :)
6. Hang out and get drunk with Solenn, Anne, Cristine, Gerogina and other hot peeps. :D
7. Get to watch Paramore again! and have a picture taken with them.
8. Come up with a big event / show for a good cause.
9. Just hang out. Pig out with lots of junk food and movie marathon with Nix.
10. Get married to Nix Angeles

These are just simple and oh so possible. I wonder who's going to grant some of these? :D anyways, what about you? What do you want to achieve before the world ends?

This is Mix signing out!

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