Astroplus: Gadgets fair, Techy Romantics and Beats by Dr. Dre


Last Sunday, I was able to attend the closing and last day of Astro's I love Gadgets Fair 2011. Gadgets were all over the place, headphones, cases, and other tech related stuff. Check out some pictures below. (click on the picture for a larger view)

One of my highlights there aside from the gadgets there is this band called "Techy Romantics" When it was mentioned to me by my friend David, it made me think. Nope i don't think i know them. And then they started playing and I got lost. Their music, beats and melody is just so foreign and nice. Not that I don't patronize our local artists, what I am saying is that it has a feel of a world class vibe with a slow and upbeat tune at the same time. It is relaxing and make you want to  nod your head in the thumpin' bass and electric guitar riffs. I think I found my new favorite local group.
You can check out Techy Romantics on Facebook and on Twitter
Techy Romantics is  Camyl Besinga + Dondi Virrey + Ryan Villena

Oh another reason why I was there aside from covering the event is that
I was awarded  by BEATS a brand  new BEATS BY DR. DRE - STUDIO!!!
Kath Choy, David Halili, Me, Dondi Virrey, Camyl Besinga and Ryan Villena
Thanks AstroPlus! Thanks Beats! It was a good day!

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