Metro Manila, Oct. 6, 2011 – Experiences are made more meaningful when they are real and shared with good friends. Taking this to heart, LG Home Entertainment Group organized a fun and laidback 3D game night for digital media and bloggers, offering them a memorable experience that only LG – the leader in 3D technology, can provide.

For only one night, guests competed in unique and interactive experiences, to determine how well they knew their 3D technology, while showcasing their gaming skills through gaming consoles.

The ‘Movie Geek Game’ tested the contestants’ knowledge on specific movies using the LG Cinema 3D TV and the HX906 3D Blu-Ray Home Theatre System. The guests experienced viewing high quality picture with great sound quality using the latest in 3D technology. The Cinema 3D TV is built with Film Pattern Retarder (FPR) technology, a feature that produces vivid and flicker-free 3D images with virtually no eye strain. The battery-free glasses also appealed to guests, not having to worry about recharging their glasses in between trailers. The Cinema 3D TV’s flexible viewing angle also provided superb viewing quality for the whole gang.

The ‘RiverRush Adventure Game’ allowed guests to play the Xbox 360 & Kinect with the Cinema 3D TV. Guests got interactive, not worrying about their moves because of the lightweight and flexible 3D glasses. With the Cinema 3D TV, guests experienced premium quality gaming as 2D games were immediately converted to lifelike 3D images.

The ‘3D GT Racing Challenge’ allowed contestants to race against each other using LG’s Optimus 3D phones. The Optimus 3D - the world’s first full 3D smartphone with tri-dual technology – was connected to the Cinema 3D TV via HDMI wire allowing contestants to either view the race through the glasses-free Optimus 3D or through the Cinema 3D TV. The Optimus 3D’s dual core, dual channel, and dual memory composition ensures maximum processing power for 3D games like Nassau Racing.

The last game was a quiz bee called the "How Smart is your 3D TV" Quiz Bee. It tested the contestants on how familiar they were with the latest developments in 3D technology. Questions were flashed on the Cinema 3D TV and guests submitted their best answers in the hope of obtaining the top score and winning various LG’s prizes. The game reminded guests that the Cinema 3D TV is not just the latest in 3D technology, but it is also a Smart TV where users can connect to the internet and enjoy both international and local content such as ABS-CBN’s iWantTV. These apps are made available through a home dashboard that is accessible with an easy-to-use magic motion remote control that operates like a PC mouse.

These exciting activities were definitely made more vivid and real presented and played through the LG Cinema 3D TV – the world’s first flicker-free 3D TV certified by European quality assurance agencies TÜV and Intertek.

Check out more of the event pictures here.

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