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METRO MANILA September 13, 2011 – Who can argue against chocolate being up there among life’s most enjoyable pleasures? For chocolate enthusiasts, it is more than just a sweet treat; it is a celebration of one’s knowledge of cocoa and the five senses. One such chocolate that encapsulates the fervour of chocolate enthusiasts is the recently launched Van Houten chocolates.


Van Houten brought together foodies, special guests, and friends from the media for an afternoon of chocolate discovery at one of Manila’s bespoke destinations, Society Lounge, for an afternoon of chocolate appreciation. The event began with a presentation on the history of chocolate and Van Houten’s long standing heritage of over 180 years of chocolate making experience. 

“Chocolate is undoubtedly one of the world’s favourite foods. Thanks to the pioneering invention of the cocoa press by C.J. Van Houten who changed the course of chocolate making with the creation of the cocoa press, the result is the chocolate bars we know and love today” says Diana Obias, Van Houten Senior Brand Manager. 

Obias adds, “Cocophilia is our label for one’s passion about cocoa and all things chocolate. Appropriately enough, the Van Houten campaign revolves around this newly coined term. Distinct to Van Houten, which many cocoaphiles will notice, is our use of quality cocoa and whole roasted nuts. Our long standing heritage is a reflection of our passion to deliver great products for chocolate lovers.” 

The best chocolate engages all your senses thus, during the event, food blogger and host Lori Baltazar demonstrated the art of chocolate appreciation by teaching the audience the taste and smell profiles, sound of snap, look of shine and sheen and feel of Van Houten chocolates. Another interesting component of the program was the coffee and chocolate pairing with Society Lounges’ Executive Chef Patrice Freuslon, who showcased how Van Houten can be enjoyed with everyday delights or simply on its own. 
In harmony with the theme “cocoaphilia” a cocktail menu especially designed by Chef Freuslon for the launch showcased three sumptuous dishes that incorporated Van Houten chocolate - chicken mole negro, enchilada sauce with tacos, and a decadent chocolate cake. Wrapping up the journey of enjoying chocolate was a fun activity capturing the guests’ reasons for loving chocolate. 


Classically European Van Houten takes pride in its rich cocoa taste and whole roasted nuts, backed up with a unique history of over 180 years. It comes in two serving preferences of either a chocolate bar or chocolate covered whole roasted fruit and nuts, in milk chocolate and semi-sweet flavor profiles. To learn more about cocoaphilia and chocolate appreciation visit us on our Facebook page 

Check out the video below during the event. care of. Orange Magazine TV

Friends going loco over the overflowing chocolates around us.
Thank you Van Houten for letting us experience an afternoon of chocolate discovery with Van Houten.

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Special thanks to good awesome friends from Ogilvy - Sherlyn, Hannah and Marco

The Hershey Company - Philippines
Executive Profile

Michelle Villarroel,
Marketing Director for Asia South- The Hershey Company

 “VAN HOUTEN has a rich heritage with over 180 years of chocolate making experience. It has been in Asia South for over 60 years. We feel it is a good time to increase our visibility reinforce our brand presence in these markets. The appointment of Bates and Ogilvy Philippines will help us to translate our brand strategy into a fresh approach to engaging with our VAN HOUTEN customers in this region”

Diana Obias
Senior Brand Manager for Van Houten- Asia South

Roberta Fernandez-Billano
Senior Marketing Associate- Asia South

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