RHIAN RAMOS' Super Bass!


I may be late, but it's all over the news and on facebook as well, so I tried checkin it out a few minutes. Then afterward, I decided that  I wanted to share it with you horny guys. Ms Rhian Ramos, one of the most beautiful and sexy actress on TV,  moving her mouth so fast I can't even understand. There is this thing how she raps and how she moves in this video. *meow* arrgh! Rhian! To those who haven't watched it, check it out after the break.

Well? all those who are just watching Rhian rap the hell out of the song raise you non busy hand! ha ha. Wait do I see tongue in there?? I do like how they bounce on the Boom, buroom boom boom part. Anyways, please feel free to comment below. :)

Thanks to my ninja skillzzz below are some Rhian Ramos pics you can errrr view.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video as I did.

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