When I heard that Revlon is going to have their Weekend Makeover, I told myself.. hmmm I could use this. :) Honestly, I'm the type of guy who pretty much don't care about my haircut or how it is, hair spa, rebond, relax, treatments and color is not my thing. Although there is always this fear of having a bad cut, and other turn-outs. It has always been a frustration of mine... fixing my hair that is.... It is naturally unmanageable. So when i found out about it and asked if I wanted to be a part of it? Heck yes!!! it's not just a salon that will be doing this make over, but those who are experts on hair. There... knowing that, I was more comfortable to having my hair done.

Arrived at the place and people started coming in. They took a shot of us for the before part and another after the make over. (scary. hehe i fear not much will change on my appearance). Anyways, went up to and saw some already getting a makeover..
After seeing them, I just had the courage, so I did. :)
They used this to color my hair.
They said that the products they use on us are not available in the market or supermakets or beauty stores. The REVLON PROFESSIONALS are being sold to beauty salons only. This in turn we the consumers avail of the services that uses the Revlon products. BUT! don't worry... Everyone goes through the training at the Revlon Training Center. Meaning the employees and representative of these beauty salons are trained and educated on how to use the Revlon Professional products. They also get a make over from the trainers themselves so that they can fully understand the products that they will be using.

Since I'm a guy, I availed of the hair color and treatment. Like i said, I am pretty picky on my stylist. (LOL) I have this one guy that cuts my hair once in a while. Anyways, for color, I wasn't sure what to get... I wanted to go with something bold, but my work kinda prohibits me from doing it. I wanted red or something that is striking and awesome... BUT! yeah.. i know.. day job. So, I went for the less striking and went for something subtle and wouldn't tell much of a difference. Treatment. I've had my own share of bad hair and some dandruff issues before way back in high school and college days. but the senior stylist told me that I had great hair.. I was like really?? I've had enough time fixing and managing this hair. 30 minutes for the hair and then rinsed and massage treatment. The stylist and the guys there were so kind that they even did a few trims on me. (which wasn't part of the choices). So big thanks to the people there! awesome staff and really knows what they are doing with our hair. 

Jeman and his cool treatment. 

 This guy decided to go for an awesome red. How I envy this one. :(

Having my hair washed with special shampoo and protection that a colored hair needs. :)

Having my hair cut on the left, and My stylist from coloring to the cut. Funny coincidence, we have the same name.

Jeman aka Arnel Pineda (as he suggested) had an awesome hair done using Revlon's Style Masters - Elevator 360. I gotta admit, he had an awesome finish. really nice.

As for me? hmmm I'm not sure if it is noticeable but I feel different and pampered. he he. Fellow bloggers were also happy with they just had.

So with the inner layer of my scalp and end of my root tip. I thank Revlon Professional Philippines for the opportunity to be make-overed. :) It was a great experience and recommends this to all the ladies and men out there. Your hair deserves pampering and the right treatment. Give them one... Give them Revlon Professional. :)

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