JASON BATEMAN as Nick, CHARLIE DAY as Dale and JASON SUDEIKIS as Kurt in New Line Cinema’s comedy “HORRIBLE BOSSES,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Watched the premiere of Horrible Bosses last night and it was hilarious! Haven't laugh that much since the Hangover 2 movie. Some good and funny delivery of curses here and there. :) 

The movie is realistic in a way that it actually happens in real life, ( the horrible bosses that is ) I've had my share of a few bosses myself. The movie is a good clean with curse fun. No nudity but it's all good. The story wasn't that bad either, it had a good flow to it and the settings in the movie had smooth transitions from one scene to the other.They also had some original funny bits which i likes. 

The 3 lead had good chemistry and great bond watching from the movie. I'm taking  note also on Jaime Foxx and Colin Farrel's performance. Funny and just plain hilarious. Jennifer Anniston wasn't so bad either, most revealing I've seen so far of her, certainly she played her role well, oozing with sex appeal and portraying an awesome sex crazed boss. :) I don't know why the hell would Charlie Day's character even complain. (maybe it's just me).

Overall, I liked it. Come on guys, I'm sure you'd get a good laugh of the situations that happens in the movie. Once in a while we need these movie that somehow we can relate to. It may be vulgar and offensive to other who will watch this but personally, I liked it!
I love the small twist on the story lines and how the 3 goofballs mess things up from one to the other. I was expecting more from the ending, it was a little weak i guess, but the fun-ness of the whole movie just made me forget it. From there, it also show a hint of a possibility of a part 2. (Why not?!) Over-all even though the trio made a  mark with their charter's personalities, and this is about the revenge of the oppressed, I think the bosses had a lasting impact to the viewers. 

I rate the movie 3.5 out of 5. Awesome movie!

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Thanks again to Warner Bros. and Jay for the invite.

Directed by Seth Gordon, “Horrible Bosses” is slated to hit Philippine cinemas beginning Sept. 21.

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