Business connects to Blogs at the 1st ever BLOGAPALOOZA!!!


I don't even know where to start with the first ever Blogapalooza organized by WhenInManila that happened last Saturday at the top most floor of Fully Booked High Street. I was lucky enough to be a part of the first one that I literally didn't go to work, cancelled my date, cancelled other plans and other events. And there I was, overwhelmed with fellow bloggers and networks/client in one room. It was a grand experience!!!.

Before i start what great time I had, Let me tell you something about Blogapalooza, brilliant concept from such a simple idea. Blogapalooza is a community, which stand of the relationship between bloggers and any businesses (big or small). From the name itself, you can sense the craziness of the term. Having lots of giveaways and samples for the online bloggers and community. In return, these business then present what they have to offer may it be product, service etc to the top 100-150 influential bloggers and online social media influencers. The idea is simple.

BUSINESS ---connects to---BLOGGERS ---connects to---THOUSANDS OF READERS

Arrived at the place with people all settled in and listening to the speakers. 
Vince Golanco from WhenInManila hosting and organized the event
The event is also a great way to connect and meet new bloggers. It was a nice feeling seeing friends and meeting new ones all in one place. :)

The event was a good place for fellow bloggers to get acquainted with each other and with the brands as well. There were also some sampling booths and booths for inquiries of some brands.

There were a lot of presenters during the event, I went around the place over and over every few minutes, to talk, mingle, exchange business cards, take pictures then listen to the speakers.

Here are some that stuck to me.
Laser tag is becoming popular now and I've always wanted to try this... LazerXtreme is a new state-of-the-art laser tag system and has several game formats specifically designed to provide a variety of spectacular challenges for its different groups of players. These interactive game formats range from the solo- and/or team-play formats for the leisure player to the more advanced game formats (playing by elimination, for instance) for the serious gamer. For more information, contact them at: You can also visit their site at They have branches in Alabang Town Center and Market Market!


These young entrepreneurs who liked to be called the FREESTYLE BALLERS. Check them out on their Facebook page
As Nathan Flores said, who don't know and who doesn't like ballers? (bands, that is) Not only do they customize ballers with vamped up cool statement designs, they are also responsible for the slap watches. (yes you slap them on your wrist!) really cool and fashionable. You may get in touch with Nathan thru his mobile phone number 0927 868 9913

Another nice concept which is cool is the Boudoir Dolls Photography. They are an all-women group of photographers catering specifically to women. Backed up by our extensive experience in portrait photography, we bring a little bit of ourselves in each of our shots. As they say "We know the joys, the trials & the triumphs of being a woman. Each shoot is your story mixed with a little bit of ours. It’s sexy yet classy." check them out on facebook here or their website Check out some of their shots below.

I gotta say, this new brand is making an impression on me. Not only do they have awesome bag designs, but they're also multi functional.
You can check out their stores at Eastwood City Walk 2 and Alabang Town Center
Lace on the right. Sayang! she lost at rock paper scissors! :)
A cool Tripologie bag was up for grabs.
photo grabbed from
This one, definitely filled me. Loving the Sausage Burger. I think this may be the first time I may have tried a burger that is a sausage, and it's good! They promised that they would bring us new way of enjoying Sausages and Burgers at the same time. I tell you that more than 150 people in that room enjoyed those burgers! Check out their Facebook page here
Visit them at 3/F #186 bldg. Tomas Morato cor. Scout Deguia.


Well, one that is also noticeable is this guy. 
They offer an interactive solution for any event coverage. Each Kameraman captures images and prints photos in real time. They have professional photographers with the latest equipment assuring best quality. As they say and their promise. No need to leave your table to wait in line, Kameraman will go to you and capture the fun as it happens. Such awesome concept! Check out their site here.

One of the highlights and often visited area there is the one with the dancing pole.
So...There... uhmmm.. say what? huh?
Now, Isn't a picture enough to explain what I am trying to say? What was I going to say? oh right! Polecats Manila is the first organized pole dance group in the country! And the only studio with Internationally Certified Pole Dance Instructors. I know a few who wants to try this, now I just have to convince someone to try it as well. He he. 
Fellow blogger Nonoy trying out the pole. It wasn't that hard right? :)

You can check out their FB site here and at their site at

Below are some scenes around the venue. :)
Az taking down notes of the speakers and the group of WhenInManila chatting to some bloggers and presentors.
We at the back scrambled to get a taste of the awesome SIZE MATTERS sausage bugers, and as you can see, the ladies enjoying the big yummy sausage burgers! indeed, size does matter. Huh? He He. They also had a few sausage for us to get a taste of.

Well of course raffle and the giveaway wasn't far from it. Everyone was happy!!!

And everyone got to take home some awesome goodie bags!

I wasn't able to take pictures of what I had in my loot bag, but this picture i grabbed from might give you an idea. :)
blogapalooza giveaways and giant loot bag
This was definitely a great event to experience. I am happy to be a part of it and I look forward for more Blogapalooza in the future! Congratulations to the organizers for successful event. Awesomest thanks to Vince Golangco of When In Manila for making me a part of it!  Till the next Blogapalooza!

I shall post more about the event! This is mix signing out!

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