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When i got the news that i was a part of this BonChon Foodie's Treat event I went berserk. Why? because I haven't tried BonChon, (Yes, really) and now with all the news that their chicken is really good, I got interested but I haven't really had the time to try it. Finally an opportunity presents itself. Thanks to PR Asia and BonChon for the invite. Now, i can try it. Special because it's my first time to try it during a BonChon event. OH YEAH!!!

The scene of the chicken crime is their branch in Ayala Triangle.
The hungry culprits. :)

The food! First up on the Menu
Ginger Tofu Salad  P 125.00     add P 30 to add chicken to salad
Calamari P 125.00
Fish Taco P 75.00
Bulgogi Rice P 125.00

And of course... the BonChon Chicken.WAAA!!

Price for the BonChon Chicken is as follows:
Small - P 185.00 (Wings 6 pcs, Drumsticks 3 pcs, Chops 4 pcs)
Medium - P 365.00 (Wings 12 pcs., Drumsticks 6 pcs, Chops 8 pcs, Combo 3 drumsticks & 6 Wings)
Large - P 720.00 (Wings 24 pcs, Drumsticks 12 pcs, Chops 16 pcs, Combo 6 drumsticks & 12 wings)

I can see now why THERE IS A NEW cult of hardcore devotees in the United States, Bangkok, and Dubai – and they are staunchly addicted to fried chicken. BonChon Chicken, to be exact. And the great thing is, the “best chicken in America” according to the New York Times, Esquire, and GQ Magazine, is now in Manila.

The result of a special cooking technique that renders the fat to create a crunchier skin, BonChon Chicken is super crispy yet light and not greasy. It’s characterized by a thin, crackly, almost transparent crust enveloping hot, moist meat that’s coated with a hauntingly addictive glaze that clings tightly to the skin. BonChon’s soy-garlic sauce is deliciously tangy, while spicy builds up nice and slow to a friendly heat. Both are blended in Korea and shipped to stores worldwide, and both are superb.

In Korea, the typical accompaniment to this mouth-wateringly addictive fried chicken is cubes of pickled radish and plenty of cold, fizzy soda or beer; the combination produces an irresistible repetition of salt and spice, cold and hot, briny and sweet, crunchy and tender.
BonChon’s Special Cooking Method
- This produces an ethereal crunch that’s like no other.
- It allows the sauce to be absorbed, adding delicious flavor without making it soggy.
- This way of frying renders the fat, making BonChon chicken a delicious indulgence that’s actually, even healthier.
The original “secret sauces” are often imitated, but never replicated.  BonChon’s highly addictive soy garlic glaze and hot and spicy sauce are made of premium spices, blended in Korea, and shipped to stores worldwide.  Soy garlic is deliciously tangy, while spicy builds up nice and slow to a friendly heat.
Cooked to order.  Trust that your chicken goes into the fryer only when you order.  No heated lamps, no reheating.  Just fresh, hot, moist chicken all day.
Myke and Scott Tan with the BonChon crew
Healthier fried chicken. BonChon uses only natural, high-grade vegetable oil, producing a crunchy fry with ZERO trans fat. Also, all their products are certified ZERO MSG.
Was able to meet the BonChon team and got to have a little chat with them, I told them how i loved their chicken (duh). The spicy one, that I so crave every night. Ha ha. definitely the spicy one I can eat every day (that's the chicken with the toothpick). 

I've yet to try BonChon with ice cold beer which I heard that it goes well with. BonChon outlets also sell beers but they are not really pushing for it said Scott Tan who owns BonChon. He also said that he is opening up a few stores by the end of the year and plans to open more by next year, but not to the point that every corner there would be BonChon outlet (just exaggerating, but you know what i mean). I asked if theyr will be introducing new products on their line up, Scott said that they are currently finalizing one and hopefully by October or November they can already release it. I await for this new product. (BonChon, don't take too long ok? ) 

A few more pics below. :)

and more pictures here and my short interview with Scott Tan. (video from Orange Magazine TV

If you ask my 1st BonChon experience? I say it was amazing! Most awesomest Chicken evaaaaaaa, and along with that, I get to try their other tasty products as well. :)
With that, thank you BonChon for this amazing chicken. Now, we'll see each other every few days. :)
This is your new BonChon fan Mix, signing out!

BonChon is best consumed when you order. For takeout or pick-up: just open the box to keep it crisp; reheat in the oven or toaster. For delivery, call 2121212 or visit their branches at Ayala Triangle Gardens (6216188) 10am-10pm daily; Greenbelt 1 (6598080) 10am-10pm daily; until 11pm Fridays and Saturdays; SM Megamall: Building A, Upper Ground Floor (4511818)  10am – 9pm daily; until 10pm Fridays and Saturdays; Libis: across Eastwood (6551818) 10am – 10pm daily; Robinson’s Galleria (end July);Greenhills Promenade (end July) and more branches coming up soon so don’t miss it!

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