Multiply purchases, Received!

I was excited what i got in the mail when i got home from two red carpet movie premiers. See post here.
Yes people these are my successful purchases online via the new market place of Multiply. It is so easier  now, purchasing online that is. It is convenient and a lot faster and safer. 

Of the 4 items i ordered, 2 has arrived. I bought a Light panel thingy. This will help me read in the dark, now all i need is a new book! :) The Light Panel LED book light is a new way to use light for reading. It is portable and lightweight. It is compact and can fit any paperbacks. It has around 50 hours of light on three AAA batteries. Also has adjustable brightness. I will try it soon!

Next is the anti bottle. Vapur.  I want to take part in the world. And by that i meant that i shall help save earth by using a reusable water bottle. It can hold 16OZ (480ml), It is REUSABLE, FOLDABLE, ATTACHABLE, IDENTIFIABLE, FREEZABLE AND WASHABLE. Frequent use of this will definitely reduce my carbon footprint. Join their community and share your stories.
Don't know what i'll do with it yet, 

I am still waiting for the other 2. In the meantime, hope you guys can check out Multiply and the new Marketplace.

Please see my previous post about the new Multiply Marketplace here or this one.

This is Mix signing out!

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