Sonja's Cupcakes.. MMMmmmmmmmmm i am not gonna say much, just by saying it makes my mouth water with anticipation. I was having a hard time resisting myself from eating the cakes that i ordered as i was unboxing the 4 pc. box. arrgghh!!!

The 4 pc. Box.

The cupcakes!!!

I am familiar with the two, the RED VELVET VIXEN and PB & J's. For the rest, I picked assorted. Not really familiar with the others you can ID them if you like. (updated below) Normally, I just get the Red Velvet.

Red Velvet Vixen - Php 70.00
PB & J - Php 70.00

Choco Surprise Php 68.00                                     Vanilla Sunshine Php 55.00

1042PM / I just saw my receipt, the prices are updated. Menu below might be the old one. TOTAL cost of the cakes? Php 263.00. The price you pay for a little heaven in your mouth.

I will not say much... They are good. Period. Just try them out! :)

Check out their website here
you can check out their menu here
Their store is located at Serendra Piazza - Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines.
Phone Number: (63 2) 856-0308, (63 906) 477-0833

This is Mix signing out!

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