As the title say cowboys and aliens. I thought it was cowboys versus aliens, some kind of like aliens vs predators. So with James bond and Indiana Jones in the picture, you say, 'hey, what could possible go wrong?' right? Setup is simple, it concerns cowboys and aliens. Guns and space guns. Horses and space horses. And you would think that the lead would be a human, and in the end humans will win the battle. But it's more than that.
It opens with Jake Lonergran (Daniel Craig) regaining consciousness during the so barren 18th century Arizona. A metal bracelet with him with no memory how he got it he also have a nasty wound on his side. Not remembering anything, he came across some horsemen and after a little lesson of charity he proceeds to the nearby town. 

There he meets the gang, although the the cast is great, there have been some western characters that is noticeably part of other stock western movie characters. a kindly priest (Clancy Brown), an ineffectual saloon-keep (Sam Rockwell), a taciturn sheriff (Keith Carradine), his timid grandson (Noah Ringer), a domineering cattleman named Colonel Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford), his violent, entitled son (Paul Dano), and  the beautiful girl Ella Swenson (Olivia Wilde), No surprise there. 
Some usual conflicts in a western movie, then you are off to the next part of the movie, every western thing was dropped when aliens attacks them and some people from their town are captured by the aliens, they all set out to capture the aliens and save their people. 

All in all the movie is great, I liked the opening part of it, although Daniel had a bit of a problem with his voice, it doesn't seem quite to reach the right timbre. Harrison, i think is not what i expected his character would be, I didn't like his acting much, his character growls and snarls, instead of revealing a bit of malice and madness in him, but i did like the hints of a little soft side on Harrison's character. Sam Rockwell's acting was a little wasted here as he plays the barkeep. and one of the reasons why i love this film, Olivia Wilde. hmmm where do i start? errrrr all i know is that i like her in House MD and Tron. Honestly, I do feel that her character here wasn't given much attention, although i like her character and the kind of twist that involves her. Oh the part that she was naked? It's a double. :)
Jon Favreau was announced the director of the movie last year. Just to let eveyone know, this is the same guy that directed the movie IRON MAN. Sooooo i was psyched knowing that he put be putting some magical / alien stuff on this film and make it kaboom!!! But It did not quite hit it there. Others say that it was a little unfocused. 

Film Title: Cowboys & AliensBut with all that said, I am not saying that Cowboys & Aliens is bad, I am saying i love Olivia on this one, haha but actually, i think the movie did a good job in taking care of the feel of western with the idea of an alien invasion. 

I feel that the movie could really gallop, poking around when it is somehow made to dash. I know that somehow it wants to be a western movie but banks too much on the the alien invasion. But hey it's just me. :)  Overall i loved the movie. And i give it 3.5 out of 5 popcorns.

Check out the trailer below.
and behind the scenes 'featurette'.

Check out the movie as it hits the cinemas on August 10, 2011.

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