I recently attended the red carpet movie premier of Cars 2 at IMAX - Mall of Asia. Cars 2 is an example on what a sequel should be. It is somewhat better than it’s predecessor way back in 2006. The 3D part f the movie helped audiences to experience the excitement and fun of being in the actual races, easily immersing themselves in the animations cool designed and carefully rendered textures and environment.

This is definitely a sequel that is worth the effort. The casts (cars) are beautifully voiced, like the zippy red race car Lightning McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson) and his tow-truck sidekick Mater (Larry the Cable Guy). They often exchange spot lights and the movie also shifts focus on some of the characters. The movie also touching a little James Bond feel, in which Mater accidentally joins an international spy team. McQueen also have this rival race against an Italian brat Francesco Bernoulli (John Turturro, awesomely voiced). Mater's mentors are Finn McMissile (Michael Caine – perfect brit), a sleek coupe with a debonair pencil grille, and the prim but pretty Holley Shiftwell (Emily Mortimer). The villainous Professor Z (Thomas Kretschmann) is of German design. 

It’s kinda a classic spy-comedy movie, with Mater mistaken for an undercover awesome agent. Mater certainly did helped a lot in keeping the movie into the funny side. Being a car, haves its limitations like the emotions of the cars, but good thing that the voiced characterization is great. Larry the Cable Guy brings new light and depth in Mater, backed up by the awesome bond-y feel of Caine and Mortimer as the perfect brit super secret agent. No doubt the star of this movie is Mater. :)

Grem and Professor Z in Disney-Pixar's Cars 2
The movie had some funny bits, I saw the queen, the pope and others, I gotta say, I really laughed at some of the scenes, especially when Mater is equipped with some awesome weapons. The movie showed an eco-friendly side, where a certain business car promotes a clean fuel alternative via Grand Prix race. 

One line in the movie that stuck was “Who ever finds a friend, finds a treasure” indeed, the message certainly did stuck with me. Another Moral would be “Be yourself”. One message that will definitely stick as you leave the movie house.

Do check out the movie Cars 2, It was a feast for the eyes. Nobody does animation like how Pixar does it, and yes, Cars 2 is no exception. The animation of this movie is more complex with lush colors and plenty of backgrounds. Check out the awesome trailer below:

Don't be late in coming to watch Cars 2, aside from the awesome preview, you will be able to catch the short film "Hawaiian Vacation" which is starred by the Toy Story cast. It definitely made me laugh along with some who were also watching the bit.
Thanks to Ferdi of Tatak Digitista and to Walt Disney Studios Philippines and Columbia Pictures for the awesome invite. Till next time!

I rate the movie 3.5 out of 5. Awesome movie!

Cars 2 is opening across the Philippines on Aug. 24, 2011.  “Cars 2” is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International through Columbia Pictures.

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