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I recently attended a Blogger's night for BUM Equipment. They are currently launching an online contest and at the same time shared with the media their direction ... They are gearing towards Costume Play, aka COSPLAY. Yes, those guys you see wearing costumes of their favorite Anime or Manga characters. 
Why you ask? Then BUM would ask you why not?!, right now, Fashionista and fashion authorities in the country will tell you that the youth is taking over in setting trends. Taking the fashion that you see in magazine, comic books and bringing them into the streets. If you con't know COSPLAY,  then i guess you are missing a lot on events, happenings, fun and fashion. :)

The idea is wearing your true colors and mood on your sleeves. It is also a way to be creative in interpreting the his/her dreams and fantasy and of course, Individuality. Just like BUM, individuality runs deep in Bum's style philosophy. 
Then Empress Schuck came. and all the MALE went wiiilldddd!! haha

The brand represents the youth's conceptions and misconceptions, Bum is gradually recognizing the Cosplay trend into the Filipino fashion psyche by translating it into more prominent trend. Bum and Cosplay, after all, somehow speaks the same language.
BUM now is opening a contest to fashionistas and style-philes out there. Interested participants can channel and take on their favorite Anime/Manga characters, the whole ensemble and feel must have the shades of Emo Rock and Goth which is BUM's signature look.
 BUM presenting the promo and explaining the mechanics.

Blogger friends asking a few question about the promo.

The costume design should have BUM products (apparel) as the main component of the whole outfit. Graphic manipulation may be used in the photo to enhance the costume / character with the BUM logo prominent in the photo.

Ofcourse, the entries that you will be submitting must be sent as early as possible, why? because this is a liking contest. Most "likes" on Bum's Website wins!!!

Ok, now you are asking what is up for grabs? The 10 entries that get the most "Likes" get a chance to take home big prizes, including a Nikon D3000 DSLR Camera, Blackberry 3G phones, Samsung ES80 cameras, and tokens from Bum.

Promo period starts from August 8, 2011 to October 30, 2011. Announcement of winners will be on October 31, 2011. To know more about the contest rules and mechanics, visit www.bumequipment.com.ph. Bum products are available at Bum Boutiques and leading Department Stores nationwide.

This is Mix and Empress signing out!

More pics here and slideshow below.

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