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I've been a user since it launched years back. 4-5 years ago i think. I remembered that their endorser at that time was the KPOP sensation RAIN. yes, he made me switch, the look and feel of the product made me switch, and yes... It was better than my dandruff shampoo.. and i  have been happy ever since with Clear. I didn't look back at dandruff and didn't look for other shampoo. I was happy with clear... I am still now.

Ever since, I've experienced NO dandruff, NO dryness and super less hair fall. It also made my hair soft and uber manageable. No, I am not pulling your leg, I remember CLEARLY how some people say I resemble the KPOP star, that was then.. ok? hehe.. anyways, just like Piolo Pascual, the new CLEAR Men gave him that ravishing style. Shiny, healthy hair that’s dandruff-free. Making Piolo a standout and die-hard female fans would do anything just to run their fingers through his hair. “It gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that I can face my fans with confidence,” Piolo shared. “I don’t have to constantly check for signs of dandruff and falling hair, thanks to CLEAR Men.” 

I love wearing dark clothes, and it did made me conscious every time i see flakes on my shoulder, and now, it certainly did made a difference with me. Just like Piolo, I don't have to check signs of dandruff and falling hair. Understanding the different nature of men’s scalp, New CLEAR Men is formulated with Pro Nutrium 10 and is 3x more effective at fighting dandruff at source, vs. the leading anti-dandruff shampoo brand, and provides longer lasting anti-dandruff protection vs. the leading anti-dandruff shampoo brand. It also leaves your hair 3x stronger vs. the leading anti-dandruff shampoo brand. 

Bea on the other hand shared “I’ve had the chance to work with some of the best hairstylists in the country. Even with their expert help, it’s still different if you have healthy, manageable hair,” Bea declared. “Stylists can only do so much to make hair look its best in front of the camera. Good thing I have CLEAR shampoo who does the all the hard work for me.”

New CLEAR for Women contains Nutrium 10, a technologically advanced formulation that nourishes the scalp three layers deep at epidermal layer so dandruff is arrested right from the roots rather than simply washing away these unwanted flakes. New CLEAR for Women is also rich in vitamins and nutrients to bring back that luster and promote stronger hair fiber. It has more nourishing ingredients and it leaves your hair 3x stronger vs. the leading anti-dandruff shampoo brand. 

So if you ask me what is my fave of the 3 shampoos? Of course the Icy feel- Cool Sport Menthol. and if you ask me "What is the No.1 anti dandruff shampoo and nourishing scalp care?" The answer is CLEAR. It basically takes care of everything. It makes your life and managing your hair easier. It will make a big difference. Believe me. Looking good means no dandruff. So if you want to look good, use CLEAR. NO DANDRUFF. Nuff said. :)

This is Mix signing out!

Complete Soft Care 2in1, Ice Cool Menthol, Dirty Scalp & Itch Control, Anti-Hair Fall.
Cool Sport Menthol, Anti - Hair Fall, Cooling Itch Control.
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