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Teaser Trailer of Avengers - Post credit scene from Captain America.

By July 29, 2011 , , , ,

Ok, i was about to sleep but i just couldn't resist this one before they take it down. :) I recently watched the movie Captain America and it was nice, really cool infact. The movie was great, never thought it would be, but hey, it's nice to see how Captain America came about. I read it in the comics but watching it is even better.
But that is not the point of my post. I'll post something about Captain America soon, but this is urgent. 
Marvel movies "after credits is now getting infamous, specially with the most recent Captain America: The First Avenger.  After waiting for it and watching it, the scene as i watched i thin is the actual teaser trailer for The Avengers movie set to be released summer of next year, which will eventually tie the latest Marvel movies and their characters together.  Yeah, this is a lot different than the ones before where an agent comes in, or Nick Fury... This one, all the Avengers are there.

It is obviously taken inside of a cinema. Enjoy the clip below, Hurry and watch it! :) before the Avengers take them out! :)
So to those who are watching the movie, be patient and stay through out the whole movie towards the end. :)
Oh, did i forget to say spoiler? anyways, just enjoy the Avengers Trailer! :) 

To those who missed it. Just watch it here. :) and I shall be posting their official poster tomorrow. 

Your avenger blogger mix signing out!

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