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Came across this blog as i was googling some stuffs.http://theyellowadventures.blogspot.com, and there she was Ellen Adarna just acting all natural to the lucky eye of the camera. The Thing that capture my attention was this. (let me break it down for you) The shots, the location and the general beauty of all of it. ok ok, let's throw in this lady Ellen and one that make it all good. consider it a gravy.  But what i mean is that it was executed well, the shots and poses that it..

Now why did i bring this up you ask? No.... not because of Ellen, But because of Ellen.. (?) It is because that i fancy these kinds of shots/beauty shots, modeling, beach and other stuffs. in other word, Photography... i have my trusty digicam and a DSLR but i haven't really had the time to play with it. Anyways, below are shots taken by Hannah Reyes of http://theyellowadventures.blogspot.com and i grabbed them, well actually i'm just reposting, errr kinda... what? did i ask permission? errrrrrr..... SCROLL DOWN NOW!

Behold, the AWE-spiring pics of Ellen Adarna. 

More pics below....

Best pics of Ellen so far. She did the shoot for http://caravanph.com/. Check the site out also. Nice site for beach bums. Gogogo!!!

And yes Hannah and Ellen, I am a fan.

This is mix signing out!

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