Do i love these coke glasses? oh yes i do. i do i do.

Saw a teaser post from Az from and now, here's the contest!!! visit Az's contest post here if you want to join.

Yes, that IS my caption for the photo.  "I WANT THE COOL NEW CAN GLASS OF COCA COLA!!!" is my caption. :) I look a little devilish and errr weird in the picture.. maybe because i'm KRRAAZZZY with these glasses. haha now gimme! :)

I just can't get enough of the Coca Cola glasses. All these time, i think we have to thank McDonalds for making this possible. I remembered when Mc Donalds released the Beijing Olympics version. i gotta tell you, i collected 3 each. Honestly. But because of a very bad luck. with one strong wind. CRASH!!!! all of it are all gone... I got a couple of more but mom stored it in some box which is really hard to uncover. So i'll settle for these glasses that i have in the picture. :)

I really hope that i win. Want to see the new can glasses from McDonalds?check it out after the break.

Doesn't it just makes your jaw drop and makes you bang your head and made you wish that you had collected them way back and win this awesome contest? :) he he

Well, if you don't have a picture of it and lost or broke your glasses, you still have a chance on how to get these cool glasses. It will be available in all McDonald's branch nationwide starting July 2, 2011. The glasses are available in 6 colorful designs. BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE, LIME, PINK and CHARCOAL!. (my fave)

You can take home one glass piece by simply adding Php25 to any McDonald's Extra Value Meal. Through Dine-in, Take out, Drive-Thru or McDelivery (dial 8-MCDO or 8-6236) call or order thru online at

This is your Coca Cola glasses fan Mix signing out!

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